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Richard T. Jurasek, Ph.D.

President, Medaille College

Dr. Richard Jurasek, presidentDr. Richard T. Jurasek began his tenure as Medaille College's president on June 1, 2007. At his inauguration on April 5, 2008, Dr. Jurasek addressed the assembled audience with a speech that stretched across four themes: gratitude, pride, humility and ambition.

He outlined the legacy of teaching and learning at Medaille College, leading into a call for Medaille to "cause civic mindedness and create community" as a means to do its best work. With that in mind, new initiatives such as program partnerships with Buffalo schools and area not for profit agencies now reach beyond the College in support of its aspiration statement:

"Medaille College will be known as the leader in preparing learners for career success and a lifelong commitment to a civic and sustainable future in Buffalo, the region, and the world."

In October 2008, Dr. Jurasek announced plans for additional infrastructure improvements. Since 2009, Medaille has invested $ 10 million in upgrades, expansion and new construction that have significantly enhanced the experience and achievement of all students at Medaille.  Medaille students now take advantage of improved classrooms, student support and activities space, wellness and sports facilities, dormitories and more.  

Dr. Jurasek has also led Medaille to tremendous fundraising success.  Launching the “Partnerships for Opportunity” comprehensive campaign in 2013, Dr. Jurasek has secured over $4 million for capital improvements, scholarship, special projects and more for the benefit of Medaille students.  

Much of the college’s fundraising achievement stems from Medaille’s increased commitment and performance in student success and community partnerships, lead by Dr. Jurasek.  Increasingly, community leaders regard Medaille as an educational partner they can trust to improve success for all students, assist secondary schools and youth agencies to prepare young people for college, and enhance the quality of life in Western New York.  Dr. Jurasek’s commitment to Buffalo Youth and the city’s Say Yes to Education program is just one example.  In 2014, Medaille College provided full tuition support, under the Say Yes program, to more Buffalo Public School students than any other four year colleges in the area.  

As the sixth president of Medaille College, Dr. Jurasek has a strong background in academics. A literature scholar, he earned both his Ph.D. and master's degrees in German from The Ohio State University and his bachelor's degree in German from Ohio University. Dr. Jurasek has co-authored three books on German that are used in colleges and universities across the country. He has published widely and has made numerous presentations about on-campus and off-campus curriculum design.