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Undergraduate Programs

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Undergraduate Programs

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Policy for Traditional Day Programs

A student must submit written notification of intention to permanently withdraw from the College. The Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form is available in the Registrar’s Office and the Advisement Center. This form must be completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office. Failure to provide written notice on the official Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form means the student will be liable for full tuition and fees originally incurred (see “Liability Policy”).

A student will receive “W” if the Withdrawal form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the “Last Day/Evening to Withdraw.” Any student who officially withdraws from the College must reapply through the Admissions Office and is subject to all program requirements and policies in effect at the time of re-admittance. The Academic Calendar is available online:


Policy for Adult & Graduate Programs and MOE programs:

Note: Given the accelerated nature of these programs, a different withdrawal policy is in effect for Adult & Grad/MOE students.

Adult & Grad/MOE students may drop a course prior to the first night of class by contacting the Registrar’s Office in writing and a full refund of tuition will be issued. A student withdrawing from the program is required to submit a completed Withdrawal/Leave of Absence (available at and return it to the Registrar’s Office.  The student's advisor must sign the withdrawal form. Withdrawals must be done before the third class session to avoid a failing grade; however, financial liability still exists. Students who withdraw on or after the third class session will receive a grade. Work submitted before the withdrawal will be applied toward the total course requirements and an overall course grade will be calculated.

  • For online students (MOE): Failure to log in and participate for three (3) consecutive weeks will result in an administrative withdrawal, unless the student has received prior approval for a leave of absence.
  • For on-campus students (ALP/Adult & Grad): Failure to attend three consecutive sessions will result in an administrative withdrawal, unless the student has received prior approval for a leave of absence.

Tuition refund calculations are based on the date that a properly completed Withdrawal/Leave of Absence is submitted to the Registrar’s Office (for more information regarding refunds, refer to Tuition Liability Schedule). 

Failure to complete the proper paperwork may result in a failing grade for the courses in which the student is enrolled.   Students who have been out of attendance for one year or more must be readmitted to the program through Admissions. Students who are re-admitted will be liable for any curriculum and requirement updates and/or changes.

Students who complete a program sequence have one year in which to finish any outstanding credits needed to earn their degree. Students who fail to do so may be subject to new program requirements that have been instituted since the date of their completion.

Medaille College supports the unique needs of military personnel who are called to active duty during their enrollment at Medaille. For more information on withdrawal procedures for active duty military personnel, contact the Admissions Office.

Rev. 10/2016