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ENG Course Descriptions ALP-MOEnext

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ENG 111 Writing Effective Essays

Developed for the returning adult student, this course enables students to assess, critique, and hone their college-level composition skills, developing the ability to write effectively. It assists students to make judgments regarding content, organization, structure, and mechanics, focusing on the production of relevant, clear, and concise student essays. Research and revision are emphasized. Students will compile and evaluate a portfolio of their writings, including a self-assessment. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

ENG 201 Writing the Research Paper

This second course in the ALP writing sequence develops students' skills in thinking and in writing analyses, using subject matter from across the curriculum. Each writing assignment requires research and writing from sources. Students will produce a formal research paper and a portfolio of their writings, including a self-assessment. Several writing diagnostics will be administered to help students identify and correct individual writing weaknesses. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

ENG 206 Literature and Society

This course introduces students to the basic literary forms, techniques, and processes used in poetry, drama, and the short story while examining the relationship between literature and society. Students will read and discuss selections from European and American literature, as well as selected classical and religious texts that have contributed to the development of Western Literature. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

ENG 215 Literature and the World

This course examines the contemporary world through a narrative of history and literature since the nineteenth century, with particular emphasis on the individual in the workplace environment. The impact of increasing globalization of scientific, technological, commercial, industrial, political, social, and artistic revolutions on the individual within selected civilizations in modem Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas will be explored. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

ENG 260 Persuasive Writing Today’s World 

This course is a study of persuasive and ethical written communication - in the workplace, in the marketplace, and in interpersonal communication. Students will use proven techniques of effective writing such as purpose, scope, audience, thesis development, and structure to explore argument and opinion. Course topics include evaluating persuasive strategies and attitudes as well as the approaches and techniques of argument; students will apply their learning to a variety of business communication tools including essays, web-based messages, speeches, advertisements, and proposals. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed. NOTE: This course is offered exclusively online as a Take Five elective.

ENG 361 Advanced Business Report Writing

This course teaches advanced critical thinking and writing skills for application in academic, business, and professional contexts. Students will produce professional and academic reports that are print-ready, coherent, and cohesive. Emphasis is placed on honing the students’ skills in written, verbal, and electronic communication, producing an accomplished writer who is practiced in the conventions of written English and professional communication. Students produce a portfolio in both print and web-based media that will include an advanced research report and a proposal. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.