Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Administration at Medaille College

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Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Administration

Be a leader in health care's future


The role of the health information professional has become critical to the medical field as the technology for maintaining health records becomes more complex and integrated into office workflow. The Bachelor’s of Professional Studies in Health Information Administration (BPS-HIA) prepares students to collect, maintain, interpret, analyze and protect data that is essential for providing quality, effective and efficient patient care. The program includes courses in the management of data with emphasis on electronic health data (the EHR), the analysis of information for patient care, financial and statistical purposes as well as auditing, trending and benchmarking.

If you are interested in healthcare in a broader sense and want to create a better experience for patients behind the scenes, then the BPS-HIA may be for you. Students should be interested in data management and analysis, technology, interacting with physicians and working collaboratively towards a common goal.



Medaille has designed this bachelor's degree for students who already have earned an associate's degree in health information technology or have approximately two years of college credit and have completed the BPS-HIA Bridge course sequence. By taking one 4-credit class at a time for 60 credits, with each class running for seven weeks, you can complete the program in two years. The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Administration program is an accelerated online degree completion sequence that easily allows you to manage the work of a college degree on your own schedule, while moving through the program with the same group of students. Students in Medaille's online programs are required to have their own computer and Internet connection.

    Program Goals:

  • To provide a relevant and innovative education that prepares individuals for professional careers and lifelong learning.
  • To develop in all students the interpersonal skills necessary for effective participation in teams and groups.
  • To enhance the analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills of each individual student.
  • To develop and cultivate a sense of purpose, responsibility and ethical behavior among individuals, especially in regard to the legal and ethical issues related to protected health information
  • To enhance the student’s written and spoken communication skills.
  • To develop proficiency in the competencies, skills and knowledge of health information management, including privacy and security, health databases, principles of management and leadership, professional certification and computer technologies.

Health Information Administration Bridge Program Option

A companion to the BPS-HIA Core, the BPS-HIA Bridge program has been developed to accommodate those students with prior education in either health information technology or an area other than health information who desire to earn their BPS-HIA degree. The bridge program consists of those health information technology/health information administration classes required for entry into the BPS-HIA Core sequence and are designed to be taken in the designated order. Students with a previous background in biomedical sciences or business administration may be able to waive specific courses.



Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Administration - Core Sequence
Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Administration - Bridge Sequence
HIA Program Student Handbook (2014)


How do I get started on my Health Information Administration degree?

For veterans who are transitioning from the military to the workforce, or active military members who wish to build on previous college credits to complete a degree, you will want to talk with our admissions team. We have a support system in place to walk veterans and service members through applying for admissions and financial aid, and managing the process of obtaining benefits from the G.I. Bill and other veterans' assistance programs.

Take the first step to creating becoming a leader in this fast-growing and important field of medical care. Request information from our School of Adult and Graduation, email, or call (716) 932-2568 or (888) 252-2235 to learn more.

The Health Information Administration program is in candidacy status, pending accreditation review by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).


I'm grateful for the education I've received.

The instructors were knowledgeable and welcomed class discussions, with
respect for each student's contribution. I've learned how to be a more
effective leader. My capstone class gave insight on how to combine all
the education learned to operate a business. That's when I realized how
much I had sharpened my knowledge.

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