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Undergraduate Programs

First-time freshmen and transfer students looking for the full on-campus college experience.

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Working professionals and adults who've been out of school for a while, looking to advance their careers.

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Undergraduate Programs

High school students and transfer students who want to enroll in day classes at the Buffalo campus.

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Online Programs

Adult learners applying to our online undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

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If you are serious about earning a college degree, Medaille College’s TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Program can help! SSS is a federally-funded program whose mission is to help eligible participants graduate with the grades and skills necessary for success at Medaille and beyond. Students admitted to the TRiO program receive free services above and beyond those available to the general college population. Medaille’s SSS Program has served more than 200 low-income, first-generation students per year since 1980. We take an integrated approach, developing each participant’s leadership potential over their time at Medaille. 
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How Does TRiO Work?


Mentoring is essential to academic and career success, and so it is the cornerstone of Medaille’s TRiO Program. Here are some examples of the different kinds of mentoring TRiO students receive:
  • Academic Counseling and Personal Advisement
    TRiO's committed staff provides ongoing guidance to ensure that participants stay on track with academic goals. They provide participants with personal cheerleading and academic coaching, as well as assistance in navigating campus resources
  • Individual Graduation Plans
    Participant progress is tracked on IGPs that are customized to address the specific needs of each student, year by year
  • Alumni Mentoring
    The Alumni Mentoring Program enables participants to network with Medaille alumni who have obtained positions in their desired fields. Prospective graduates make career inroads and learn from former Medaille students willing to share their expertise
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  • Peer Mentoring
    The TRiO SSS Peer Mentoring Program matches first-year TRiO students with peer mentors who act as resources, sounding boards, and allies. Peer mentors are TRiO participants who have successfully completed at least one year at Medaille, making them uniquely suited to provide student-centered support to first-year TRiO students. The Peer Mentors also lead community service efforts, providing all participants with an opportunity to lead by example as they work together to address important issues in their community
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Affording College

  • Supplemental Grant Aid
    TRiO offers supplemental grant aid (i.e., scholarships) to first and second year TRiO participants to help offset student loan burden. Students must apply for the grant and meet eligibility criteria
  • Financial Guidance
    TRiO staff act as liaisons to the Office of Financial Aid and assist participants with financial planning through workshops on establishing credit, managing debt, avoiding identity theft, creating a budget, choosing the right bank account, and understanding credit reports and credit scores. A special emphasis is placed on assisting students to manage student loan burden
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Academic Resources

  • Extended tutoring time
    TRiO students are eligible to receive extended tutoring time with a wide variety of peer and professional tutors in the College’s Academic Support Center
  • Computer Lab 
    TRiO participants have their own computer lab housed within the Student Success Center. Printing in this lab is free!
  • Textbook library
    TRiO has an extensive library of commonly assigned textbooks for participant use within the TRiO lab
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Planning for Life after College

  • Graduate School and Professional Licensing Subsidies
    Students may apply for TRiO’s EAL subsidy to offset fees associated with applying to graduate schools and/or professional licensing exams
  • Career and Graduate School Exploration
    Participants have access to a comprehensive library of information on graduate programs in New York State in addition to TRiO-sponsored visits to area graduate schools, preparation for graduate school entrance exams (GRE, LSAT, etc.), and assistance with composing personal statements. TRiO partners with the Career Planning Center to assist students with selecting major and career paths, developing postgraduate plans, and designing effective résumés and cover letters
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Student Success Center


Student Success Center
Huber 114
(716) 566-3086

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