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Medaille Creates an Individualized Plan to Help Pay for Your Education

Just thinking about financing your college education can be overwhelming, let alone actually paying for it. Medaille College understands the stress that’s often associated with tuition and fees. That’s why we’re committed to helping you navigate the maze of financial aid. We do whatever it takes to provide individual assistance and plans, including in-person meetings, phone conversations, email correspondences or Skype sessions.

You get a true partnership for the entirety of your career at Medaille as you’re never left without someone to turn to for answers. Together we explore financial aid options like student loans, grants and scholarships until we find the best fit for you, making a Medaille education affordable.

Financial aid options vary depending on the type of student you are. Find out which financing options are available to you as an individual at Medaille College.

Undergraduate Students

Adult & Graduate Students

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