Frequently Asked Questions for Commencement 2014

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Dr Jurasek greets a student

2014 Medaille College Commencement: Frequently Asked Questions


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When and where is the Medaille College Commencement?


The 2014 Medaille College Commencement will take place on Friday, May 16 at 1:00 p.m. for graduate students and 7:00 p.m. for Undergraduate students at Kleinhans Music Hall, 370 Pennsylvania Avenue, Buffalo, NY.  Directions to Kleinhans are available online, on the Commencement web page, commencement packet, or at the Amherst, Rochester, and Buffalo Campuses (Registrar's Office). Per Kleinhans management, the parking fee is $10.


Who can participate in the Commencement ceremony?


All students who have applied for graduation and completed their degree requirements during the summer 2013, fall 2013, or spring 2014 semester are eligible to participate in Commencement.  The only exception to this is for students who have six credits outstanding and who register for this course work during the summer 2014 semester.  The Registrar's Office must have proof of summer registration prior to April 30.  Any course work to be completed through Academic Alternatives must be processed in accordance with the published deadlines.  Please contact Deborah Ceppaglia (716-880-2157) for further information.  Any student with outstanding obligations will receive a diploma dated to coincide with the closest conferral date after the completion of all academic degree requirements.


When do I receive my diploma?


Students participating in the ceremony will receive their diploma covers when they cross the stage.  Actual diplomas will be mailed once the degree is conferred (completion of all course work) and all financial obligations have been met.  This takes approximately four weeks from the conferral date.  Diplomas are dated dependent upon completion of degree requirements.  Conferral dates are as follows: August 31, 2013, December 30, 2013, May 31, 2014, and June 30, 2014.  If you have any questions regarding your diploma, please contact the Registrar's Office (716-880-2365).


How do I order my academic regalia?


Academic regalia (cap, gown and hood) are required of all graduates participating in the ceremony.  For all information pertaining to the ordering of academic regalia, please access the link from your MedailleOne account or from the site,


What is the graduation fee and what is it used for?


All graduates are assessed a $50 graduation fee when they apply for graduation.  This fee covers a portion of the program, diplomas, and other expenses associated with Commencement.  The cost of academic regalia is not included in the $50 graduation fee.


Who can atend the Commencement ceremony?


Initially each student will be allowed five guests.  Students may request up to five additional tickets.  If room allows, students will be able to print all of the tickets they requested starting May 1.  Students will also be notified via email if their request for extra tickets can be met.  ALL TICKET REQUESTS MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE. Through MedailleOne or through the site:, access the link for Ticket Request Form. Beginning May 1st, tickets can be printed.  Tickets are required for all guests for admission to the ceremony and will be verified prior to entry at Kleinhans Music Hall.  No admission ticket is required for graduates.


When do I arrive for the ceremony?


Students are to arrive at Kleinhans one hour prior to the start of the ceremony.  Per Kleinhans management, no guests will be allowed into the main auditorium until one hour prior to the start of the ceremony.


Where do I sit during the ceremony?


Students graduating sit within their degree group.  In an effort to answer this and many other questions, a detailed format of the ceremony (Ceremony Agenda) will be available through the online commencement packet.


What should I do if I have a guest requiring special accommodations?


Students can request special accommodations for themselves or their guests through the online commencement packet accessible through their MedailleOne account or by following this link:  Students must request these services by April 30.  A limited number of handicapped parking spaces are available at Kleinhans.


What constitutes graduation honors?


Undergraduate students are awarded Latin honors based upon the cumulative average at the conclusion of one's degree.  The minimum cumulative average for honors is 3.50.  A student must also meet the College's residency requirements.  Details of the residency requirement and specific honors information are available at (Buffalo Campus Undergraduate Catalog or ALP Handbook)


Please note however, announced Latin honors for spring 2014 graduates are based upon the cumulative average at the conclusion of the fall 2013 semester. 


Honors cords will be provided to all students graduating with Latin honors.  These will be available to students, on the day of commencement, in the Mary Seaton Room, at the Information Table.


Graduate students are not awarded Latin honors.


What is the academic department award?  How do I know if I am receiving this award?


Every academic department has the opportunity to select one student to receive the academic department award.  Criteria for the award includes a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 as well as other outstanding academic achievements as determined by the department.  Students graduating May 31, 2014, must be applied by March 1 to be eligible for consideration for the department award.


Prior to Commencement, if you have been selected to receive the academic department award, you will receive a letter from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  When you arrive at Kleinhans, please obtain your degree card from your group leader (see detailed format of ceremony - Ceremony Agenda)  The card will provide instructions for receiving your award during the ceremony.


Will there be a reception after the ceremonies?


Immediately after each Commencement ceremony, the College will host a Coffee/Cookie Reception for all graduates, families, friends, faculty, administrators and staff of the College. 


The receptions will be held in the Mary Seaton Room at Kleinhans immediately following each ceremony.  Please indicate how many will be attending the reception through the online commencement packet accessible through your MedailleOne account or by following this link:


How will I know if I have completed all Pre-Commencement requirements?


A checklist will be available in the Commencement packet of information available online at:


I'm grateful for the education I've received.

The instructors were knowledgeable and welcomed class discussions, with
respect for each student's contribution. I've learned how to be a more
effective leader. My capstone class gave insight on how to combine all
the education learned to operate a business. That's when I realized how
much I had sharpened my knowledge.

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