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Medaille is on the Move


Are my class locations moving? How will I find them?

Classes currently running on the Buffalo campus will not change. Existing Amherst classes will begin to move to the Buffalo Campus starting the week of April 14; all classes will be moved by mid-May. Your move will probably occur in conjunction with the start of your next course. You can find your assigned classroom by checking your schedule in MedailleOne.

Note for ALP students: Your classroom will probably change with each new course start. All class times and schedules will remain unchanged.  

What services will be available at Buffalo?

Day students will find that the services available to existing Buffalo students, such as food service, student services/advisement, library, and student accounts will be open and ready to serve you. Offices will be open until 6:00 p.m. for evening students, just as they were on the Amherst Campus. Evening and weekend dining services (which will be limited during the summer to vending options) will resume full service in the fall. Every attempt is being made to replicate the services that were available in Amherst. Thus, registrar services will be available for weekend students at the beginning of each semester. In addition, some services that were unavailable at the Amherst Campus will be accessible to you at the Buffalo Campus. This includes the Fitness Center, Wellness Center, and Career Services.

You can see the map and directory for location and contact information.

Once college offices are relocated to Buffalo, will their phone numbers change?

No, you can use all the same Amherst campus phone numbers,including extensions, to contact Medaille offices in Buffalo. Phone numbers for all offices can be found on the Buffalo directory page.

Will parking be an issue?

Parking on the Buffalo campus will not be a problem for adult and graduate evening and weekend classes. Day classes may find parking more limited but there is auxiliary parking at the Buffalo Zoo on Parkside Ave. and Jewett Pkwy. with a shuttle bus to campus that runs every 15 minutes from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m, Monday through Friday. A public safety officer is assigned to this lot while Medaille College students’ cars are parked there. In front of the Sullivan Campus Center, students can wait in the bus shelther for a shuttle bus to take them the Zoo lot to pick up their cars.

There will be additional public safety officers at the main entrance to the Buffalo campus to help with parking during the first few weeks of the adult and graduate programs starting at Buffalo. Adult and graduate students can use their existing parking permits at Buffalo. If you no longer have your permit, please call public safety at (716) 880-2911 for a replacement.  

How can I access the co-curricular activities on the Buffalo campus?

Events such as our Excellence in Leadership Series presented by the Medaille College Leadership Management Council and our Entrepreneurship Lecture Series are available to all of our students and alumni as a way to further enhance your college experience and professional development. Co-curricular activities are listed on  the Events page. The college also sends periodic email updates and posts notices in social media on events and other activities on campus. 

How do I know which offices are moving and how do I find them?

During April and May, while classes are moving, Amherst staff will rotate between both campuses. There will be a representative from Academic Services available from 5:30-6:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Main Building. Please feel free to ask for directions or advice; she will be able to quickly direct you to the right spot. Additionally, you can see the map for all office locations.

Can I go on a tour of the Buffalo Campus?

There will be special Buffalo campus tours for our current Amherst students, faculty and staff at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 5 and April 26. Register for the tour.  Also feel free to call (716) 880-2200 to schedule a tour at a different day/time.

Is the Buffalo Campus safe?

Yes! Public Safety Officers are on duty 24/7 patrolling campus buildings, grounds, parking lots and facilities.  They control traffic and parking as necessary, and are responsible for the safety and security of the Medaille College Community. Additionally, Medaille is located in one of the safest neighborhoods in the City of Buffalo.

Public Safety officers will be in the parking lots and out on the grounds, on foot and vehicle patrol, when classes let out each evening.  Remember; just call Public Safety at (716) 880–2911 for an escort to or from your car or classroom.

Additionally, the Medaille College Public Safety Office is located at 2 Agassiz Circle, (first house on left as you enter the campus) and its primary responsibility is to work proactively with students, faculty and college departments to identify, reduce and remove the opportunity for crime and criminal activity before it occurs. Escorts are available 24/7 for all students, faculty, staff and visitors, just call (716) 880–2911.

Medaille College Public Safety provides an Annual Fire and Security Report containing crime statistics, policies, and a description of programs that promote campus safety. Read additional information on the Security and Fire Report

Will the classes at the Buffalo Campus receive the same resources as they did on the Amherst Campus?

Classrooms at Amherst and Buffalo have been constructed and furnished from the same facilities master plan. The furniture may look a little different, but everything meets the same standards. IT plans call for the same level of equipment and software in each classroom.  Amherst equipment will be moved over and installed throughout the summer months.

You will find that the Buffalo Campus sports some student support facilities, such as a full library with extended hours of operation, that were not available at Amherst. You are encouraged to investigate and to use these resources.

Will the Buffalo campus be crowded once all adult and graduate programs are moved over?

Since the majority of Amherst classes meet in the evening or on weekends, we will be able to share the Buffalo Campus quite comfortably. Most traditional undergraduate classes meet during the day. You will see some students, especially those who live in the two residence halls, in the cafeteria or the library while you are on campus, but our calculations indicate that there will be room for everyone.

What’s the best way to get to the Buffalo campus?

Simply go to the Buffalo Campus Information page for all the information you need to get to Buffalo.

How can I sign up for a meal plan for the Buffalo Campus?

If you’d like, you can sign up for a meal plan for the Buffalo campus by visiting the dining services website. You can also pay as you go with cash or credit at our cafeteria.

Will I be able to find a quiet place to study or meet with my cohort?

If you plan to meet in the evening or over the weekend, you should find plenty of places for quiet study together.  Since the majority of traditional undergraduate students will not be on campus when most adult and graduate classes meet, you should find the student spaces open for your use, although weekday mornings can be very busy. The library, Sullivan Center, Main Building coffeehouse on the fourth floor, Student Success Center, and other places on campus offer quiet spaces to study, meet and relax. The library has areas to meet and empty classrooms may be used if they are not booked for classes or meetings. The second floor of the Sullivan Center has several computer stations and areas for students to meet. Feel free to explore all the Buffalo campus has to offer.

What do I do if I have further questions or encounter difficulty with the move?

There is a great amount of detail involved in a large scale move like this and some may encounter difficulties.  Do not hesitate to contact the appropriate student support office, professor or program director if you have questions or need help. Medaille College is committed to making your transition to Buffalo as easy as possible. 

I see the move from the Medaille Amherst campus to the main campus in Buffalo as a positive move.

| Jonas J. Patricko, M.S.
Director, BBA-IS Program & Clinical Associate Professor, Adult & Graduate Education |

I see the move from the Medaille Amherst campus to the main campus in Buffalo as a positive one. The undergraduate students will now be able to become more familiar with the graduate programs and collaborate with the graduate students to share information. A great learning experience.

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