Reserving Classroom Space


The Registrar's Office is located at the Buffalo Campus, on the first floor of the Main Building (M133).

Office hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday:     8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Contact us:   716.880.2366  /  2365     or 

PDFRoom Reservation Policy available as PDF

PDFEvent Registration Form

PDFAdditional Accommodations Form

Medaille College faculty and staff can reserve Campus space for meetings, special events, and special class sessions.  Students may reserve space for college-related activities with the signature of an advisor. The space reserved must be used for College-related activities unless specifically stated and agreed upon at the time of reservation.

For the Medaille Community

Event Registration and Room Reservation Policy and Procedures- Buffalo Campus

(for Amherst Campus room reservations, please contact Rene’ M. Shofner.)

PLEASE NOTE: The scheduling of Medaille College events MUST take precedence over all Outside Entity reservations. Medaille College reserves the right to cancel these reservations (1) if they conflict in any way with the policies or regulations of the College regarding meetings on campus or (2) if they violate any federal, state or local law.


  • All requests must be submitted via the Event Registration Form, regardless of the reason for use of the space.
  • All requests require at least two (2) weeks’ notice. Event Registration Forms that are submitted and provide less than two (2) weeks’ notice cannot be guaranteed. Room availability, Aramark set-up assistance, A/V support, and/or Chartwells catering may not be available.
  • Please allow at least 1–2 business days for requests to be reviewed. Approvals are not given immediately upon request.
  • Space will not be considered reserved until a completed Event Registration Form has been submitted,
    received and approved. Approval/denial notifications are delivered to requestors with a copy of the original request form.
  • Students are not permitted to reserve space on the Buffalo Campus. A faculty or staff adviser MUST sign and submit the request.
  • Non-Medaille groups must sign the Insurance Requirements/Hold Harmless Form and supply the College with an up-to-date Certificate of Liability. Reservation requests will not be reviewed or approved without having these documents in place. Rental fees as outlined in the rental policy apply for outside entities reserving Campus space.
  • Alcohol will not be permitted without prior authorization from the Dean of Students and Chief Finance Officer. This is required for all three Campuses. There must also be a designated bartender when alcohol is being served. For Academic Commons 4th Floor Cafe policies, please see Mary Johnson. Non-Medaille groups are not permitted to have alcohol on Campus.


  • Access the Event Registration Form. The form can be completed electronically and submitted via e-mail to the appropriate person listed below.
  • Setups: If a special room arrangement is required, a detailed set up diagram/plan must be submitted along with the room reservation form; THERE WILL BE NO SET-UP WITHOUT A DETAILED DIAGRAM.
    • All setups MUST be supplied IN DETAIL at the time of request. Detailed diagrams are preferred.
    • Please do not indicate that set up details will be submitted “at a later date”. Arrangements may need to be made well in advance if rentals and additional staffing are required.
    • If special set up is required, the Begin & End Times are to have a minimum of one (1) hour before the event and one (1) hour after the event built in to accommodate set up/take down time.
    • If catering is requested, please indicate the number of tables required for food set up.
    • It is the responsibility of the requestor to notify Facilities at the end of the event so the room can be
      returned to its usual setup.
  • Catering: Requests for Chartwells to supply food and/or beverages must be indicated on the Event Registration Form. Details for catering must also be e-mailed to Blake Milakis in advance – again, a two (2) week notice is required. It is the responsibility of the requestor to notify Chartwells at the end of the event so that they may come and pick up the leftover food and equipment.
  • Audio / Visual Equipment: Computer, microphone, projector, or any other IT related assistance should be requested through the IT Department Request Form. If you have a disability related audio visual need, please contact the Office of Disability Services (716-566-3088).
  • Accommodations: Accommodations can be made available for individuals with disabilities who will be attending events on Campus. Arrangements should be made well in advance of the day of the event. The Request Form for Additional Accommodations should be submitted to outline in detail the nature of the request. Submit the form and direct questions about accommodations available to the Office of Disability Services (716-566-3088).

Event Cancelations: Contact the appropriate person listed below as soon as it is known an event will not take place.


Mary Johnson: (x2218) Gym, Quad, Sullivan Center, 4th Floor Café, Events Arena

Emily Kelley: (x2365) All Classrooms, Computer Labs (H216, H217, D222, M310), Science Labs, Lecture Hall

Audrey Grochocki: (x2202) Foyer, President’s Dining Room, M104, H201 Conference Room. Please call regarding the President’s Board Room; the form is not required.

Medaille College Library: (x2283). Please call to reserve the Library Conference Room; the form is not required.

Facilities: (x2527). Only call with questions about set-ups. Work needing to be done must have a work order placed.

Chartwells Catering: (x2106). Please contact Blake Milakis, Chartwells catering manager at 716-880-2106 or

Chet Klimek: (x2160). Please call with any questions about how to order IT equipment or what IT equipment is available.

Jeffrey Siefert: (716-566-3088): Please call with any questions regarding accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

For Outside Entities and Organizations Interested in Renting Space

All outside organizations must reserve Campus space through Evelyn Hamilton (716-880-3368), Event and Conference Planner.

All outside entities are required to present current Certificate of Liability Insurance and sign Medaille College's Hold Harmless Agreement (available through Evelyn).  Medaille College's rental policy is available in PDF format below.

Rental Policy PDF

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