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Effective December 6, 2005

All requests to the Facilities Department concerning areas/equipment requiring repair, moving of furniture, and housekeeping related requests will be forwarded to the Facilities Department. These requests will be entered into the Integrated Service Information System (ISIS) for tracking, planing and scheduling.

The following procedures will be adhered to for all work requests submitted to the Facilities Department at Medaille College. Discontinue use of the paper Medaille College Work Request Forms that are presently being used throughout the campus.

Work Requests -- email your request to or call ext. 2527.

E-mail is the preferred means of inputting work requests to the Facilities Department. An e-mail address,, has been established for this. Work requests will be submitted in accordance with the following:

  1. All work requests of a routine nature coming from faculty and staff will first be sent to their respective Vice-President's office for approval/disapproval.
  2. Those work requests that were approved by the respective Vice-President will be sent from the Vice-President's office to the Facilities Department.
  3. All work requests of an urgent nature may be sent straight to the Facilities Department, with a copy to their respective Vice-President's Office
  4. All work requests coming from the Students will be sent to their Resident Directors or Resident Assistant for approval/disapproval.
  5. Resident Directors/Resident Assistants will forward all approved work requests from their Residence Hall to the Facilities Department.

The Facilities Department should not receive any work requests directly from faculty, staff, or students unless it is an emergency.

Each work request will require the following information for EACH item requiring attention:

  • Name/phone number of person reporting the problem (to the Vice-President's Office/Resident Director's Office).
  • The Department and room number (or area) experiencing the problem.
  • A short description of the work required. (Hang Bulletin Board, Chair broken, move desk, etc.)
  • Indicate the nature of the request; routine or urgent.

All work requests for moving of furniture will require communication between the requesting Department Manager and the Facilities Department Director prior to any work being started. This is to ensure that the scope of the work requested is clearly understood by all involved.

Note: After your work request is entered into the ISIS system and a work order number is assigned, you will receive that work order number via return e-mail. This work order number can be used by your Department to track/inquire about the status of the work requested.

General Information

To ensure proper utilization of available manpower/expertise the Facilities Department staff is assigned work orders on a priority/date/time-received basis. To ensure that these work requests are completed in a timely manner, please do not verbally request Facilities Department staff to do any other work. If you find you have work that needs to be done, submit those requests via e-mail, and the work will be scheduled accordingly. The only exception to this is if the request is an emergency.

Emergency Work Requests

Call ext. 2527 during normal work hours. Facilities department staff will verify the emergency and take the required action. After normal working hours, call Public Safety (ext. 2911). Public Safety will notify the Facilities Director.

Non-Emergency Work Requests

Non-EmergencyWork Requests submitted from Departments fall into two categories.

Routine Work Requests

  • Routine work requests are those requests that are non-critical to the operation of your Department. They include requests for repair of equipment/areas that will not stop the regular operation of your Department, and scheduled furniture moves.
  • Routine work requests are targeted to be completed within 3 business days of the time that they are entered into ISIS.

Urgent Work Requests

  • Urgent work requests are those requests for repair of equipment/areas that are critical to the continued operation of your Department. These requests must be accomplished quickly in order to keep your Department functioning.
  • Urgent work requests are targeted to be completed within 4 hours of the time that they are entered into ISIS.
  • Note: Targeted completion times include repair work only. If parts or outside vendors are required, completion of the work request will be as soon as possible after the receipt of the required parts, or as soon as the outside vendor is available.

All work will be scheduled on an as received basis, dependent on the availability of manpower and work requests already received. Every effort will be made to keep Departments apprised of the status of their work requests.

Revised: 11/01/05

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