Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Medaille (online)

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Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Note: This page discusses the online Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, an online post-master's certificate program. If you are looking for information about our full Master of Arts program,  please visit the Clinical Mental Health Counseling page

About the program

The 18 credit hour online Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed for students with a masters degree in a related field (rehabilitation counseling, school counseling, and counselor education for example) who are pursuing Mental Health Counseling licensure. The Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling will satisfy New York State's regulations for licensure [see Part 52 of the Regulations, section 52.32(c)], and will provide students with the educational requirements needed to sit for the New York State licensure exam in Mental Health Counseling

The change in the licensure laws for Mental Health Practitioners resulted in many certified and non-certified masters-level clinicians (i.e. CASAC, NCC, CRC, school counselors) who need to pursue a course of continued study that will lead to eligibility to sit for NYS licensure. The Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to provide advanced courses and an internship specific to Clinical Mental Health Counseling that will meet New York State educational requirements. The successful completion of the Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling prepares students identified above to sit for New York State licensure.

The educational goals of the online Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling include:

  • providing students with a thorough grounding in advanced principles of mental health counseling at the graduate level
  • providing students with an understanding of the tools of counseling that are suitable for building careers in mental health counseling
  • completing a 600 hour internship at a site appropriate for those seeking licensure in Mental Health Counseling


About the teaching format

The program is offered as a fixed sequence of 7-week online courses, taken one course at a time. Students are able to begin their internship once prerequisites are met.


About the coursework

Coursework is determined by each student's previous education as it is compared to the required core courses required by New York State. Students will also complete a 600 hour internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


About the clinical training

Students must complete a 600 hour supervised CMHC Internship (with a minimum of 240 client contact hours.)  The supervised internship experience requires a substantial time commitment on the part of the student.  Internship opportunities are generally available during weekdays.

Students use the Monthly Record of Practicum Hours and Supervision Form to record their practicum hours.

  • Three signatures will be required on this form—the student's, the site supervisor's and the campus supervisor's.
  • The student's campus supervisor will be the College representative responsible for meeting with each student to ensure that the forms are being maintained and the hours completed.
  • The campus supervisor will be responsible for maintaining records of training hours.

Since practicum sites are integral to the training component of the program, the College has worked closely with area agencies to form partnerships that will benefit students in this program.


About admissions

  • Applicants must possess at least a 48-hour master's degree in counseling (school, rehabilitation, pastoral, etc.)
  • Maximum credit hours needed: 18 (students must need no more than 4 core courses plus internship) to enter the program.
  • Official transcripts from completed graduate program
  • Syllabi from the core courses to be transferred
  • Two letters of recommendation
     Applicant Reference Form
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Professional goal statement

All students are required to participate in a non-credit online learning prep course starting classes.  This helps to prepare students for the online learning experience at Medaille.

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