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How new is the online program?
Medaille's Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems started in 2010, the Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Administration began in September 2011.
Medaille College has long been a leader in adult and non-traditional education. We feel it is important to continue to develop and to offer programs that provide a high-quality education to students in innovative ways.

What do I need to take the online classes?

    Here is what you'll need:

  • A late model computer, either a PC or Mac
  • High-speed Internet access

As a Medaille student, you will be able to download the latest Microsoft Office software and virus protection for no additional charge. It's also recommended that you download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to read PDF files.

I don't have strong computer skills. How complicated will the courses be for me?
Not everyone has the same computer skills and online learning takes this into consideration. If you can point and click the mouse, you can learn online. However, if you happen to run into an issue, Medaille's technical support staff is always available to help students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Take a survey to learn more about your learning style >>

How do online courses operate?
Each course has its own website in Blackboard, an easy-to-use course management program that builds your online classroom. Within the course website, you can talk to your instructors, find research links that lead you around the world, discuss stimulating issues in online discussion boards, watch lectures, submit your homework and work with a group of your fellow students on specific projects. View an online learning demo. >>

How much interaction will I really have with the instructor and other students?
Although the face-to-face interaction has been removed, you will find a flexible network of online discussion boards and email. Instructors check their emails and the discussion boards regularly. By using Blackboard, answers to course work questions and responses to comments arrive on a consistent basis. Keep in mind that interaction relies on you, and you alone are responsible for how much – or how little – you contribute to the course.

Is the entire program online or do I need to come to a Medaille campus?
Course work for the program is entirely online. However, you are more than welcome to visit either of our campuses in Western New York to stop in to say hello!

What undergraduate background is expected of me?
It's really dependent on the program to which you are applying. Most of Medaille's current online programs also take into account that you have accumulated some college credits before you enter the online degree completion portion. You can contact one of our representatives to see how your experiences fit into the degree requirements.

Will every course be available every semester?
Because online courses have an accelerated schedule, they are designed for students to take one at a time. With a wide range of courses available, every course is not available every semester.

Do I have to be available every day for this online course?
Flexibility is a huge advantage to our online learning program. You can access the course at the same time as your professor. You are required to sign in regularly in order to stay up-to-date on class and group discussions, but if you are unavailable at a particular time, you will find the class waiting for you when you get back.

Why are Medaille's online courses shorter in length than regular courses? Do they not cover as much material?
Medaille's online courses each span seven weeks, which is the same length as our accelerated on-ground courses. We are able to design and deliver accelerated curriculum in a manner that optimizes learning. Since most of our online students want to complete their education as quickly as possible, they appreciate both the efficiency of acceleration and the flexibility of the online classroom. Any one of our admissions representatives can help you determine which courses you will need to take and establish your schedule of courses.

Will I learn as much in an online program as in a regular program?
There is no difference in Medaille's online and regular campus course content. At Medaille, our skilled online instructors possess a high level of experience in their concentrations and all possess the required credentials and proven ability to teach.

Is an online degree really as valuable as a degree from a traditional college or university?
Without question, an online degree has the same value as a more traditional college degree. Our high-quality materials are skillfully administered and thoroughly assessed by qualified faculty. We take no shortcuts. Medaille College is a fully-accredited institution with a long history of educating students. Our online programs meet the same standards for rigor, comprehensiveness and accountability as any other Medaille program. And once you graduate, you join a growing community of Medaille alumni at work, in business, education and industry, and in your community.

I'm sold! How do I apply?
Find applications for all of our programs (undergraduate, graduate and online degree programs on our Apply to Medaille page..  You can also contact an admissions specialist at

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Why Medaille College?

  • Convenient class times for working adults
  • Small classes with personalized attention
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Degree programs taught by faculty working in the field
  • Fully online programs for even more flexibility

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