Computer Specifications

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Medaille College recommends that students purchase computers that meet criteria not just for today’s computing needs but those of the next few years. Our published recommendations are keyed to whatever the current marketplace dictates at any given time. The closer you purchase your computer to your anticipated entry to the College, the more assured you will be of getting equipment that is as up to date as possible. Recommended specifications for computers change frequently during the year; however, to utilize Medaille’s course management systems, machines must meet minimum configurations. Machines that do not meet minimum configurations may not be supported by the campus online IT support, and may be unable to use current software needed for classes.


Software Provided by Medaille College

Microsoft Office / Symantec EndPoint protection.

Current students can go to the IT website to download a copy of Office and Symantec EndPoint you do not need to purchase this software.


General Online Computer Requirements

For Medaille College’s latest computer requirements please visit.


BBA IS Program Computer Requirements

Students enrolled in the BBA IS Program have more stringent requirements for their computer, as they will also need to run additional software as part of their class requirements.
PC Computer - Windows Vista or Windows 7 - at least 4 GB RAM - at least 200GB free disk space - Ethernet/Wireless network card - DSL, Cable, or Satellite high-speed connection


24x7 Technical Support

24x7 technical support is available. If you have any technical issues with the Blackboard 9 (for example attaching a Word document to an assignment), Microsoft Office Applications, your computer, etc, you can get help anytime of the day or night!

The self-help portal is available at: From this support portal you can find help on most common issues, submit a support ticket, or chat with a support representative online. You can login to the support portal using your Medaille email address as your username, and your student ID as your password.

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