I chose Medaille because it offered an MBA. Other academic institutions offered degrees in management, and my research showed me that employers have a greater respect for applicants with MBA degrees. When I first started taking classes at Medaille College in Rochester, I had to constantly explain to people what 'Medaille' was. No one had heard about the school. Now, people I talk with know exactly what Medaille is - I think it is viewed positively in Rochester's business community. I know Rochester employers view a business degree as a valuable asset. It is very hard to get a job in this economic environment. Having a college degree along with work experience may make getting a job a little easier. I was able to complete all coursework while juggling a full-time job and raising a family. The students with whom I took classes possessed a wide range of skills and had diverse occupations, and these were a great benefit in the classroom because we learned from one another.

-- Yvonne Thorne, MBA


My experience in Medaille's MBA program definitely enriched my overall knowledge of the business world. The experience allowed me to better assess the intricacies within my business organizations and to utilize the obtained educational tools in my business environment. Medaille's MBA program enabled me to work with knowledgeable instructors who had a vested interest in each student. Also, within the program, I was allowed to work with many different students that had various skill sets. This made the team learning interesting and productive. I am a chemist for Honeywell International who has worked at the Buffalo Research and Development facility for 27 years. Overall, the Medaille MBA experience was the most enlightening of any endeavor that I've taken on in the last 27 years.

-- Kane Cook, MBA


I entered the program thinking that "I knew it all": how wrong I was. I have learned so much about leading people to performance and motivating people so that they can succeed. My study group has become a source of friendship, support, knowledge and experience for which I will always be grateful. My cohort consisted of some of the most professional people that I have known. My sales force and peers have already recognized change in my style of leadership and I am recognizing new successes and opportunities as a direct result of this program. I would recommend this format of learning and Medaille College to anyone and everyone.

-- Trish Casillo, MBA


I have been attending Medaille College for nearly two years, pursing a Master's of Business Administration degree in their Accelerated Learning Program. After a great deal of research I chose Medaille College for many reasons including; small class size, classes taught by professors whom are experts in their respective fields, and Medaille's recognition of the importance of technology in the business environment. Thus far my expectations have been more than fulfilled. My business acumen has been greatly enhanced by the lessons learned throughout the program, and I have had the extreme fortune of working closely with other tremendously talented students (who have also become valued networking resources and close personal friends). I am confident that upon completion of the program, my marketability in today's ultra competitive workplace will only increase, as a direct result of the leadership skills which I have obtained throughout my time at Medaille.

-- Erik Mathis, MBA


The MBA program at Medaille was fulfilling and fit nicely into my busy schedule. The skills, techniques and applications presented in the curriculum have strengthened my leadership skills and improved my business acumen. I have gained valuable insight and expertise. In addition, I have developed new friendships with other cohort members and faculty. I would recommend the program to anyone considering a higher education.

-- Lino Reale, MBA


I have spent four years of my life in the Medaille adult learning atmosphere setting. The one night a week class and 4 hours study group meeting were the initial attraction for me. The instructors were awesome and very understanding to the needs of the students. Personally, I had some family deaths during my tenure at Medaille. However, I never missed a class. The instructors offered their condolences to me and told me to take all the time I needed. When I had not taken Calculus, which was a prerequisite, the college set up math boot camps for 3 Saturday's before the class to ease the tension. Bob Nesslin and Judy Sereno gave me great encouragement when I came back to pursue my MBA. They were supportive of my plans for my future and offered information if I had questions. In addition Pete Donaldson was a great tutor, who brought me through the BBA and MBA programs. There are many other colleges with similar programs that I could have chosen, but I choose Medaille College. I am so proud to be a Medaille graduate. I love my alma mater.

-- Gloria Sallee, MBA


My experience in the Medaille business program was an experience that will forever be a part of not only who I am, but where and what I was supposed to do and be. The two-year experience not only provided an opportunity for me to learn information from professional business faculty but also meet professionals representing the vast WNY business sector. My final MBA project most exemplified the Medaille philosophy as the support and experience of the staff and faculty allowed our group to go outside the box and make our capstone experience "priceless". When I entered the program, I wanted to receive an MBA. Upon exiting the program, I met WNY professionals, business entrepreneurs and employees representing many WNY organizations. After graduating, I secured a new position at a healthcare facility and began teaching at a local business college. I am a proud graduate of the accelerated learning MBA program of Medaille College. What I know for sure is that whatever you believe you will achieve and the team of professionals working at Medaille were not just instructors who taught, but friends. Their lessons created a legacy for me to follow in my daily life at work and in the classroom as I "play it forward" with the same passion and enthusiasm I received. I thank the faculty and staff at Medaille for so gently touching my life as I touch the lives of my students.

-- Deidra M. Whiteside, MBA
Vice President of Clinical Support Services Erie County Medical Center


As a Healthcare Administrator with teenage children and extended family obligations, Medaille's accelerated program was the only way I could have completed my MBA. The module approach with assignments that are clearly delineated allowed me the flexibility to complete assignments in a manner that did not interfere with my other responsibilities at work and home. If need be, I could prepare assignments ahead of time when I knew my other responsibilities would be a priority during a particular week. Although I am aware of other people who have completed their MBA coursework through an online program, this was not a consideration for me. Although I am extremely organized and able to handle multiple priorities, I was doubtful that I would have the discipline to complete my coursework without some external give and take. Besides, isn't learning by nature a gregarious experience? I learned a great deal from not only the instructors — who were phenomenal — but my classmates as well. As a Hospital Administrator with a clinical background and lots of hands on training in administration, I am very aware of my strengths and challenges. The extra tutoring in the finance areas helped to gel the material we were learning in a short period of time. The coursework gave me the confidence I needed to more effectively engage in conversations I had with the Finance department every day. Through this process, I learned a great deal about myself that I have utilized to be a more effective leader.

-- Karin Ziegler, MBA

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