Larry MietusI enjoyed my experience at Medaille and found my classmates to be dedicated, diverse and driven. The Master's in Organizational Leadership program appealed to me because it offered courses applicable to my career development, without repeating work I had done at the undergraduate level. The challenge for me was balancing family, full-time work and my studies. I learned a lot from this program, particularly that understanding financial statements matter, that you need to keep your emotions out of the decision-making process, and that a message should be simple enough that a 10-year-old could understand it.

-- Larry Mietus, MOL


LaTarcia Kenner-DanielsI've worked in the healthcare industry for over eight years, and I have been able to use all the skills and tools that I learned from Medaille for my job at Kaleida Health's Women's Services Department. I've been able to apply the public speaking and decision-making skills that I picked up at Medaille to my career. I value my education so much more after seeing the realistic examples and case studies in my classes. I chose to pursue my degree to provide a better living for my family, and I was surprised that earning a degree was actually very convenient. Employers now know that when they see "Medaille" on a resume, the candidate comes with knowledge and skills. At Medaille, your education is not only important to you but also to the faculty and staff.

-- LaTarcia Kenner-Daniels, AS, BBA, MOL


Angela BertiI never expected to enjoy the program as much as I did. The program is wonderful for busy, working adults. Pursuing my degree was something I had tried to put off, but because of the uncertainty of the job market and the career I am in, I knew that I would need every advantage possible. My degree has made me a more confident leader and I feel like I am a more valuable asset to my organization. After 20 months, my study group members have become some of my best friends. The work is interesting and applicable to what I do everyday. My cohort members were fun, committed and diverse. We ended up leaning on each other more than I ever would have thought, and we found a way to have fun while getting the work done. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

-- Angela Berti, MOL


Kim ChiarmonteI received my bachelor's degree in Human Services at Medaille in 1982. And after a 27-year absence from the academic world, I chose to return to college. I enrolled in the Master of Arts in organizational leadership program to achieve "one more thing" before my 50th birthday, and came away with one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. When entering the program, I was apprehensive about the study group concept. Fortunately, my group turned out to be an awesome professional and personal experience. The exciting thing about the MOL program is that the concepts taught today can be put to use immediately, and that it is designed specifically for working adults. Decision making, leadership theory, and the value of education were at the forefront of my learning experience. Attending Medaille is challenging but you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

-- Kim Chiarmonte, MOL


Evening classes one night a week with flexible group meetings and understanding faculty provides a very solid program structure for those who live five miles or fifty miles away from campus.

-- Eric Rockefeller, MOL


I am very excited about the prospects for my future that my MOL degree will help advance. Despite the workload, I have found the program to be very enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. The curriculum is well conceived, consisting of contemporary issues presented along with the necessary theoretical underpinning. This format ideally prepares the students for the types of "real world situations" likely to confront us as business leaders. The faculty is top-notch in terms of their knowledge of the subject matter and their individual presentation styles. I believe this to be due, in large measure, to the practical experience (as opposed to pure academic) that most have acquired in their careers. Those practical insights have been most beneficial to the learning process for me. Some additional benefits of the program are the personal relationships that have been established as a result. I have met some great people, both students and faculty, that have made the time fly by. The interaction between fellow students and especially between study group members has multiplied the learning experience and solidified friendships. As with most things worthwhile, the program has required a lot of sacrifice but I am glad I did it.

-- Mark Agle, MOL


The flexibility of the MOL program afforded me the opportunity to balance a full time career with my family responsibilities. And, the classroom environment fostered an open learning style, integrating theory with real life experiences. I had the opportunity to learn from a dedicated and talented faculty who brought practical experience to the classroom. In addition, I was exposed to working adult students from all walks of life. As a result, I gained diverse perspectives that I can apply in both my professional or personal life. My experience was extremely positive and I would highly recommend the program to others who want to enhance their leadership skills. Enrolling in the program took courage, but I am confident that it was a risk worth taking!

-- Barbara Bilotta, MOL


I graduated from Medaille College in August 2006 with my Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree, and also attended Medaille College for my BBA (graduated 2004). In speaking of the MOL program, I truly have nothing but good things to say about the content of classes. As far as leadership is considered, the program does everything to assist the student in finding the leader within and gives real world examples of how to implement leadership activities. The cohort style of this program is extremely beneficial for helping to incorporate teachings and for freely expressing what you (as a student) took away from the teachings. Now that it has been close to a year since having graduated from the program, I can reflect back on the program and use what I have learned. At this point, I wish that I had a couple more 'MBA' type classes - strategy and management. In my position at my job, I feel these areas are both missing, and wish I had learned them formally, through the program. One other thing I have realized since having graduated is that as a "leader", I must find opportunities to lead; they don't just appear. I believe this can be confusing for other graduates, who are just expecting to be successful after having graduated. Again, my time in the MOL program was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I really learned about who I am, and the kind of person who I would like to be. I have recommended this program to other students and have given testimonials to current students.

-- Erin Costello, MOL


When first making the decision to return to school to advance my education, and hopefully my career, I began looking at MBA programs in the area that were best suited to a working adult. After narrowing my selections, I decided on the Medaille program. Approximately a month before the MBA program began, my wife asked me if I had looked at the MOL program in the same catalog, which I had not. Having many years of business and analytical experience, this seemed like a perfect fit for what I wanted to do. I then set out to change my enrollment from the MBA program to the MOL program and I truly feel that it was the best decision I have made in years. Not only did the program provide me with terrific insight into what I had been missing in my career, but it put me in the most productive educational experience of my life. Being involved in the program and my specific cohort has enlivened my desire to learn and has put me on a path of life long learning. I now have a much clearer view of the world and I feel energized to continue my learning experience. This was a life changing experience for me and I believe that many of my cohort members feel the same way. I can only hope that the next groups of students enjoy their experience as much as I have.

-- Mike Pitillo, MOL


Personal Development Attending Medaille College allowed me to learn more about the world I live in and to embark on a journey of self-discovery. I enhanced my skills in reasoning, tolerance, reflection and communication. The Medaille adult environment was an ideal place to practice, learn and polish skills that will last me a lifetime. Networking Many college graduates feel that the greatest benefit of their college years is the expansion of their social horizons. I was provided with many opportunities to meet new people and share new experiences that lead to a more satisfying life. Additionally, the relationships built at Medaille helped me learn effective ways to work with others, compromise, and disagree sensibly. As a result, developing new relationships not only enhanced my personal life, but also became useful in achieving my professional goals. More opportunities As a result of my Medaille education I have become in greater demand due to the fact that I can bring a more specialized education to the job, with more proficient writing and decision-making skills. In addition, I have had more jobs to choose from and better leverage when demanding decent pay and benefits. Goals I consider myself goal-oriented. Upon enrolling in Medaille, I know what goals wanted to attain. I therefore, appreciated the Medaille Accelerated educational program that is organized and has clearly defined elements. Instructors and administrative staff showed me how this program will help me attain my goals.

-- Dale Stephens, MOL


I am a tropical product born and raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico. I relocated to Buffalo, New York alone and without speaking the English language at the age of 18, in 1990. I discovered Medaille's Bachelors of Business Administration Degree program while shopping for colleges, in 2005. I was attracted to the short distance between Medaille and the supervisory job I was holding at the time. Medaille delighted me with its Bachelor curriculum. For that reason, I decided to stay and further my education by achieving a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership, in 2007. Medaille offers an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) that I find to be student-centered and is led by a dedicated faculty/staff. The program is suitable for working individuals like me, where a diverse group of students works simultaneously with highly qualified experts. The program offers the ability to take one course at a time and attend class one night per week. The fact that ALP blends theory with real life experiences, has made it possible for me to retain and apply many of the concepts learned during the Masters curriculum to personal and professional situations. The theories have been effective in conflict resolution and project management to name a few. Moreover, these concepts have assisted me in developing my mentoring, coaching, leadership and management skills. The faculty members I came in contact with exhibited a true commitment to teaching and caring through actions. I was able to stay abreast by communicating with my instructors as needed in and outside of class. Additionally, I was able to manage personal information online 24/7, review grades and accounting information, generate financial aid requests, email faculty staff, among many other services. In today's corporate environment, businesses are gearing towards high performance teams to staff their organizations in order to reach their full potential. My greatest experience was Medaille's study group learning approach, where students teach one another based on their knowledge and experiences. The study group set up helped me by sharpening my leadership, effective communication, and decision-making skills, while embracing diversity. Achieving my Bachelors and Masters Degrees at Medaille College has been two of the best decisions I have ever made. Today, I am a successful Manager of a Contracts Administration Department of a leading food and facilities management company in North America. I direct a diverse team of specialists who handle licensing and permits, contracts, unit set up, accounting support and internal/external audit coordination for the company. Additionally, I render my services as a translator and a Notary Public to the organization. I have been able to double my salary since 2005. My experience was such that I am considering returning to Medaille when a Doctorate Degree program is in place. I miss the instructors, the group cohesiveness and the atmosphere. In the interim, I keep on encouraging and persuading my staff, coworkers and friends to pursue their education and to ensure that when they do they come to Medaille, as I did.

-- Angel Vizcarrondo, MOL

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