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Building a community of respect from the inside out


The Center for Multicultural Education and Diversity wants to come to your classroom!


Our Mission
The Center for Multicultural Education and Diversity at Medaille College operates on the premise that the best environment for learning and personal development is one where differences are highly valued. The center educates, promotes, and serves to empower the campus community on issues of diversity, multiculturalism and the value of human differences. The Center advocates for an inclusive campus environment that values a pluralistic perspective and promotes equity and appreciation for human diversity among its students, faculty, administrators and staff. The Center provides a supportive environment that encourages education and pride in self-identity and cross-cultural mutual respect.

Additionally, the Center serves as a resource for faculty, administrators, staff, and students who are interested in community development and diversity of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion and thought.


Our Objectives
Our Center advocates for a celebration of differences of race, culture, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and disabilities among its students, staff, faculty and administrators. In this endeavor, we strive to educate the Medaille community about underrepresented populations and their cultures, by making them more visible.

Through our workshops, seminars, cultural celebrations, historical tours, and other multicultural and diversity programming, opportunity is provided for growth and development of each member of the campus community.

Participation by all campus members insures our campus will be one that is responsive to and reflective of the diversity found within its community.

The Center will sponsor opportunities for campus participation through the above-mentioned activities and, therefore, will encourage and support racial and cultural diversity and promote a more global perspective for the whole campus community.


Grants for diversity-related projects
During the 2011-2012 academic year, the Center for Multicultural Education and Diversity will provide awards of up to $250 for projects, workshops and activities that infuse diversity, global issues and different perspectives in curriculum and extra-curricular activities. (Projects of superior merit that are directly related to diversity in the curriculum may be funded for up to $500 with sufficient justification.) Awards are contingent on available funds and approval by the Director of Multicultural Education and Diversity.

More information about the grant >>


Multicultural Association
The Multicultural Association contributes to the overall growth and well being of Medaille College by providing representation to students from diverse backgrounds and varied interests. The group also assists in the campus-wide coordination and planning of activities and programs that provide a cultural experience for the entire campus.


What the Center means to Medaille students
"Diversity is what makes America what it is today and helping all to understand this greatly would increase the ability to work together. By offering a center like this, you encourage learning together. I am in full support."


For more information about the Center of Multicultural Education & Diversity, contact Melisa Williams at

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The instructors were knowledgeable and welcomed class discussions, with
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