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Your Home Away from Home

Plan on dorming at Medaille College? Great! Dorming is a big part of the college experience. Each Medaille residence hall includes areas for group study sessions, recreation, rest and relaxation, cooking and laundry.

Here's where you'll be living, what to expect and what you should bring with you.

North Residence Hall

This three-story residence contains 140 student beds, a kitchen and lounge, computer lab, and laundry rooms. This building has a mix of traditional suite-style rooms (two bedrooms bridged by a bathroom) and 2- and 3-bedroom apartments. Every student is provided his/her own bed, desk, chair, dresser, and closet.
The first floor lounge is generally used for informal meetings and for hanging out in the evenings and on weekends. The second floor lounge is a popular spot for students to cook full meals, entertain guests, and enjoy comfortable seating during late-night studying.
A laundry center is available for residents to use on the first floor.
The residential mailroom where students receive packages is also located in the North Residence Hall.

South Residence Hall

This five-story residence was built in 2003, and accommodates over 250 resident students. South Residence Hall has double rooms in a traditional corridor style with an individual bathroom inside each room. Every student is provided his/her own bed, desk, chair, dresser, and wardrobe.
Floors 2 through 5 have a lounge area that contains a TV, kitchenette, computer station, and laundry facilities.
The first floor houses the Residential Academic Commons, an area for quiet study and group academic work.

The residence hall is your home away from home: the place you hang with your friends, prepare for your classes, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Make this space YOURS!

Every room is equipped with the following:
  • 2 beds
  • 2 desks
  • 2 dressers
  • 2 chairs
  • 2 closets or wardrobes
  • 1 lamp
  • Cable service
  • Wireless and LAN internet accessibility
  • Garbage can

Things to Bring

School Supplies: backpack, computer, wifi card & cable, flash drive, dictionary, highlighters, sticky notes, notebooks, folders, binders, organizer, pens, pencils

Kitchen Supplies: can opener, coffee mug, cups, plates, silverware, refrigerator (max size: 4 cu ft/UL approved/hermetically sealed/drawing power of 4/10 amps), microwave, food & snacks, drinks, coffeemaker

Personal Care: variety of clothes, sneakers/shoes/flip-flops, bathroom bucket, first aid kit/medicine, hangers, iron & ironing board, laundry basket, detergent, razor/shaver, sewing kit, safety pins, tissues, toiletries, towels

For the Room: bedding for a standard twin mattress, pillow, alarm clock, desk lamp, drying rack, surge protectors, fan, pictures & posters to hang up (NO TAPE OR TACKS - they ruin the paint. Scotch Clear Mounting Squares work best), plants, playing cards, games, rug, stereo, TV, DVD/Blu-Ray player, iPod, phone, umbrella, comfort items

Miscellaneous: address/phone book, batteries, camera, keychain, money/ATM card, ID, medical insurance card, scissors, stamps, envelopes
  • Be sure to talk with your roommate(s) to avoid doubling or tripling up on the bigger items like TVs, microwaves, rugs, video game systems and refrigerators
  • You cannot mount a flat screen TV (or anything else) to the wall
  • Cleaning services are NOT provided

Make the Most of Medaille

Joining a club or organization at Medaille is a great way to get involved, stay active and meet new people.

Your college experience doesn't begin and end in the classroom. The Medaille Student Involvement Center provides endless opportunities for fun, learning and networking outside of class. It starts with orientation, and it doesn't end until graduation. Make the most of it!

  • Join a club. With over two-dozen clubs and organizations, Medaille has something for everyone. Disagree? Then we encourage you to start your own! Call 880-2218 or stop in student affairs suite in the Sullivan Center to learn more or sign up.

  • Unveil your inner politician and work in student government (SGA).

  • The Student Activities board organizes a number of music concerts, off-campus trips and events with nationally renowned speakers.

  • New Student Orientation, the Weeks of Welcome and Family Weekend all provide opportunities to meet new people and have fun with your Medaille family.

There are many opportunities to get involved as a Medaille student. These are what build lasting relationships and positively shape your future beyond graduation. So make friends, make memories and make the most of Medaille.



It's an Easy Commute

Commuter students are included in everything Medaille has to offer those students who choose to live on campus. There are plenty of activities and benefits available to all students, including commuters. In fact, you get a little extra as a Medaille commuter student.
  • Commuter Student 411

    You may think it's more difficult to stay connected as a commuter. The Medaille Commuter Student Council (CSC) (anchor link) makes it easy. Attend free events with food and prize giveaways and make friends with fellow commuter students.

    • The Sullivan Center is the cornerstone for every Medaille student's experience. Here you can meet up with friends, get a cup of coffee in between classes or have dinner before your club meeting. It's all here waiting for you.
    • If you drive to and from class, you'll need a place to park. Sign up for a pass at the Public Safety office.
    • There's a convenient system of shuttles that get you to where you need to go if you park off campus.
    • There are lockers available to commuter students so you can stow away and keep safe extra books, a change of clothes or whatever you don't want to carry around with you all day.
    • Once you're on campus, there's no need to leave if you're hungry. Medaille offers delicious menu items every day. Grab a nutritious smoothie or yogurt at Freshens or enjoy a Mondo sub for lunch. The dining options are plentiful at the Sullivan Center.
  • Commuter Student Council

    The Commuter Student Council is a Medaille College recognized student organization committed to serving commuter students and their needs. The Council is an advocate for concerns specific to commuter students, which is the majority of the student population at Medaille. The Council encourages participation and involvement with departments, student organizations, and on-campus residents while working to create the best experience for Medaille College students.

    Commuter Student Council hosts events throughout the year including commuter appreciation luncheons, commuter bingo, co-sponsorship of the annual carnival, and other activities that offer students the opportunity to get to know each other.

    Meetings are held in the Student Affairs Suite during the open student activity period. Please visit the Commuter Student Council Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.

    Twitter: @Medaillecommute
  • Transportation

    Medaille College operates a circular shuttle from the remote zoo parking lot on Jewett and Parkside to and from the College. All new incoming non-resident freshmen are required to park at this auxiliary parking lot. The circular shuttle service is provided between the lot and campus from 7 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday, leaving approximately every 15 minutes. Public Safety Officers provide security at the Zoo Lot from 7 am - 6 pm or until the last car leaves. Note: After 6 pm on Monday - Friday, call Public Safety for an escort to the Zoo Lot. Space permitting, new freshmen and commuter students will be authorized to park on campus after 2:00 pm. The Zoo auxiliary lot also serves as the overflow lot when campus parking is full and closed, at which time all community members will be directed to the lot. Please visit Public Safety for more information on transportation.

    The College offers discounted monthly NFTA metro, bus, and rail passes through the Student Affairs Office, located on the second floor of the Kevin I. Sullivan Center. Monthly passes can be obtained for $40 ($35 savings) for all registered Buffalo Campus students. The NFTA website has schedules and other offerings for commuting students.
  • Commuter Discounts & Benefits

    In an effort to recognize the needs of commuters, Medaille College has several offerings. Visit the Student Affairs Office on the second floor of the Kevin I. Sullivan Center to take advantage of these opportunities.


    To make it easier to cart belongings during the semester, Medaille provides lockers to students on a yearly or semester-by-semester basis. The lockers go fast so it is advisable to secure them as early as possible at the beginning of the semester.

    Commuter Discount Program

    Discount tickets for NFTA are available for Commuters! Purchase your discount tickets in the Student Affairs Office.

    NFTA Passes - $40/month
  • Where to Eat on Campus

    Medaille's commuter students can take advantage of a wide selection of dining plans and healthy food options available on campus.

    Within the Kevin I. Sullivan Student Center our dining operations are skillfully run by Chartwells, known for their healthy and nutritious food. The Center features a large dining cafeteria with many dining options as well as a nationally known franchise, Freshens. Get the latest information about Chartwells Dining Services on campus. Wondering what's for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Dial the menu hotline at (716) 880-2113.

    In addition, the Academic Commons on the 4th floor of the Main Building houses a student-run cafe. The Commons Cafe features coffee, baked goods and specialty drinks. Commuters will find this newly renovated space a great location to study and hang out with friends in between classes and even late nights.

Feed Your Appetite, Nourish Your Mind

There isn't always time for three square meals a day when you're going to class, studying, and maybe even working part-time. Medaille's dining services, run by Chartwells, understands that we can't all have a sit-down meal at regular times. This is why we give you a huge selection of healthy, nutritious and easy meals, ready whenever you are.

Up early before class? Grab breakfast at the Kevin I. Sullivan Student Center. Besides a plethora of hearty and healthy options to choose from in the Sullivan Center Dining Hall, you can buzz upstairs to Freshens, for a fresh frozen yogurt, nutritious smoothie, or delicious crepe to get your day started the right way. You can also visit the student-run Fourth Floor Commons Cafe in our main building. Enjoy a cup of coffee and delicious baked goods in a laid back setting. Having a late-night study session? Our dining service supplies you with healthy snacks and brain fuel.

Medaille makes it easy to eat healthy. Learn more at Chartwells online.

Your Health Matters

Medaille College believes the all-around wellness of every student is a priority for success. We understand the importance of physical and mental health, and the impact it has on your academic performance as well as everyday life. With the diverse offerings of our Wellness Center and Fitness Center, we ensure nothing gets in the way of your academic goals.

Wellness Center
Medaille's Wellness Center, located at 117 Humboldt (next to IT), fosters good health practices in a safe, confidential environment, and provides holistic healthcare including counseling sessions, workshops, and wellness programs.

Counseling Services Center
Located within the Wellness Center, Medaille's Counseling Services Center is a professionally staffed clinical counseling, consultation, training, and outreach center geared toward the well-being of Medaille's student body.

Student Health Office
Also part of the Wellness Center is the Student Health Office, which aims to promote the health of the Medaille campus through a variety of programs. The office encourages healthy choices and lifestyles, prevents disease and disability, and provides extensive primary healthcare to the Medaille community.

Fitness Center
Medaille's 3,000-square-foot Fitness Center, located in the recently expanded and newly renovated Kevin I. Sullivan Campus Center, has everything you need to stay at your physical best.

Medaille is focused on maintaining a healthy campus and encouraging positive lifestyles. Take advantage of the great offerings on campus, and be the happiest, healthiest you.

Safety Is Your Prerogative. Safety Is Our Priority.

At Medaille, your safety as a student is our primary concern. It is our belief that the opportunity for crime and criminal activity can be removed before it occurs, and it is our ambition to make our campus as crime-free as possible.

Public Safety Officers regularly patrol campus buildings, grounds, parking lots and facilities as well as direct parking and traffic. The Public Safety Office also issues parking permits and student identification to limit the opportunity for unauthorized access to the Medaille campus. The Public Safety Office is also the place to go if you've misplaced something as they operate a campus-wide lost-and-found.

Emergencies involving safety or security issues or criminal activity should be reported immediately to the Public Safety Office at (716) 880-2911. The College's Public Safety Office is located in the house at 2 Agassiz Circle.

To request a comprehensive security report, contact the Admissions Office, the Student Affairs Office or the Public Safety Office directly. Alternately, a copy of the Campus Crimes Statistics report is available at the US Department of Education.

Choosing Your Vocation

Whether you're an alumni or a current student, the Medaille's Career Planning Center will help set you in the right direction.

  • Majors & Careers

    Land the perfect job and a fulfilling, lifelong career. It all with some good, solid decision-making, and Medaille is here to help. Learn to:

    • Discover yourself. Delve into your skills, being mindful of your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses.
    • Explore your options. Discover what's out there - you're certain to find a variety of alternatives you've never even dreamed of.
    • Make a decision. Compare your options to find the right path.
    • Take action. Develop a plan and work to meet your vocational goals.

    Delve into Majors & Careers

  • Career Resources

    Find that perfect job and land it! We've got the tools guaranteed to get you noticed.
    • Maverick Jobs: Search jobs targeted to Medaille graduates, upload your resume, review your job search history and more.
    • Resume Builder: Learn how to craft an effective resume and build it with the Optimal Resume tool.
    • Cover Letters: Your cover letter makes your resume personal for prospective employers. Learn to write the perfect cover letter for each position you apply.
    • Interviews: Stressful, yes. But with preparation and Medaille's Interview Handbook, you can ensure that you put your best foot forward and make an impression that lands you the job.
    • Social Media Resources: Learn to utilize Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find jobs in your field.
    • Graduate School: From your junior year of undergraduate studies forward, we've got the timetable you need to follow if you intend on moving straight into grad school to make yourself even more marketable.
    • Suggested Resources by Major: Get granular with your job search by digging in to major-specific resources.

    Explore Career Resources

  • Employer Services

    This is the place where students, alumni and employers all get connected.
    • Online Recruitment Service: Medaille College has linked up with College Central, the interactive tool that links employers with prospective job candidates through college-based Career Centers.
    • On-Campus Recruitment: Looking to interview on campus? We'll take care of all the details. Email us with a date and requirements to get started (please give at least 3 weeks notice).
    • Information Tables: Seeking exposure to our current student population? We'll set up your table in the area that your targeted students are most active. Email the Career Planning Office for more details.
    • Career & Job Fairs: Contact us to add your firm to the Medaille database, so that we may include you in campus-wide and major-appropriate event invitations.

Medaille College Information Technology Tech questions? We've got the answers. From education-specific technology questions to setting up your PlayStation or Xbox, the Medaille IT team is here to assist.

Medaille Newcomers

Visit the New to Medaille section for a complete guide to the technologies and accounts you'll use as a student. These include CAMS, MedailleOne, and Blackboard.


The Students section takes technology assistance even further, not only delving into the accounts you'll use for your education, but also the free software you receive as a student, a listing of campus computer guidelines, help with your wireless connection and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many times, a question you have will already have been answered by our IT team, so Frequently Asked Questions is a great place to start!



Spacious Medaille College dorms are your home away from home!