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What is the length of student teaching?
Each full-time student teaching placement is approximately 7 weeks. Students will have one placement in their lower grade levels and one in their upper grade levels. During the spring semester of student teaching, a spring break occurs, the dates of which fluctuate within school boards/districts. Student teachers are expected to follow the schedule of the school to which they are assigned. 

Where can I complete my student teacher experiences?
Placements can be done in one of 63 Ontario school boards or in the Buffalo/Niagara region of New York State.

When can I complete my student teaching?
Student teaching is offered to students who have completed the necessary prerequisite courses during the fall and spring semesters only.

What are the pre-requisites to student teaching?
Specific education courses are required for each major, along with a minimum GPA. Undergraduates are expected to have a minimum GPA of 2.5; Graduate students 3.0. 

Please check the Office of Student Teaching/Certification website for course pre-requisites for your specific program. You should also contact your academic advisor and/or program director to confirm that you have fulfilled program pre-requisites and confirm the semester that you will be expected to particpate in the student teaching experience.  More about prerequisites >>  

What is the Student Teaching Exit Meeting?
The Student Teaching Exit Meeting is mandatory for all student teachers and is held at the end of the spring and fall student teaching semesters. The purpose is to submit all the required documentation from both student teaching placements and to participate in the required professional development seminar.

What should I bring to the Student Teaching Exit Meeting?
All documents listed on the Student Teacher Exit Checklist PDF, along with a copy of the student teaching placement survey verification email.

Can I work during student teaching?
No. Student teaching is a full-time job with full-time responsibilities. It is not recommended that students continue to work in their regular occupation at the same time.

Does the Office of Student Teaching/Certification (OSTC) have a Student Teaching Handbook?
Yes. The Student Teaching Handbook PDF includes information such as important student teaching dates, exit meeting dates, student teaching requirements and timelines, guidelines and expectations, and information about student teaching policies, procesures, and required student teaching evaluation forms.

What is the purpose of the mandatory Student Teaching Meetings?
The "Student Teaching Information Meeting" is held to provide potential student teachers with:

  1. an overview of the student teaching pre-requisites
  2. anexplanation of the application process including the placement form, profile template, and submission deadlines
  3. a reminder that a police record check screening is required prior to participation in student teaching (Canadian student teachers) or fingerprint clearance (U.S. student teachers)
  4. student teaching start/end dates, interim week, and Student Teaching Exit Meeting dates
  5. an opportunity to ask questions about student teaching placements

The "Preparing for the Student Teaching Experience Meeting" is held to

  1. remind student teachers of the student teaching dates
  2. review requirements for police record checks/fingerprinting
  3. review student teaching requirements, expectations, timetable of activities, student teaching policies, etc.
  4. review student teaching evaluation forms and requirements for passing
  5. provide information about teacher certification

When are the mandatory Student Teaching Placement Information Meetings held?
The "Student Teaching Placement Information Meeting" is held the semester before students are expected to apply for student teaching, (i.e., in the early spring semester for fall student teaching; in the early fall semester for spring student teaching).

The "Preparing for the Student Teaching Experience Meeting" is held near the end of the semester prior to the student teaching semester. 

What are the deadline dates to submit the Student Teaching Placement Form, Profile Sheet, and Pre-Student Teaching/Student Teaching/Practicum Release Form to the Office of Student Teaching/Certification (OSTC)?
September 15 is the date to submit all necessary forms to the to the OSTC for a spring semester placement.

February 15 is the date to submit all necessary forms to the to the OSTC for those wishing to participate in the fall semester.
Students who fail to meet the deadline will be deferred to the following semester for student teaching.

Is a Police Record Check required if I will be student teaching in Ontario?
Yes. All students completing their student teaching in Ontario schools are required to have a satisfactory Police Record Check (to include Vulnerable Sector Screening) prior to participation in student teaching or other voluntary experiences with children. This document must be dated less than 6 months prior to the start of each student teaching placement. It is further expected by the OSTC that you will have the process completed in a timely manner so that documents are ready for the first day of your placement in student teaching.

A few select Ontario boards have specific procedures and processes for completing the PRC/VSS process and for submitting documentation. The OSTC sends out a PRC/VSS update to students each semester. If you have questions about any board processes, contact the Coordinator of Student Teacher Placements in the OSTC.

Student teachers without the proper clearance, or with an outdated clearance, will have their student teaching delayed.

Is fingerprinting required and where can I get it done?
All student teachers (U.S. and Canadian) are required to be fingerprinted for certification. Student teachers are also required to complete the application for fingerprinting on the New York State Teach website. In addition, all U.S. student teachers are required to have their fingerprinting application completed and cleared prior to student teaching.

Fingerprinting can be done at the Amherst Campus (by appointment) through the Office of Student Teaching/Certification, at the Buffalo Campus (by appointment through the School of Education) or at a police station. See Fingerprinting.

Why is there an interim week between the first and second student teaching placement?
The interim week is planned so that the student teacher can choose to participate in professional development activities. Student teachers may be required to attend the Refocus for Success seminar (if applicable), held during the interim week. A sampling of other activities might include attending a professional development workshop/seminar, updating ones resume and professional teaching portfolio, attending a teacher workshop, initiating a placement file with the Career Planning and Placement Office, meeting with your second associate teacher, and meeting with your assigned college supervisor.

When will I be contacted about my confirmed student teaching placements?
The Office of Student Teaching/Certification (OSTC) forwards “email updates” throughout each semester to students who are expected to student teach.

The OSTC formally notifies student teachers of confirmed placements beginning in December for spring semester placements, and beginning in July for fall semester placements.
After initial notification, updated placement information will be emailed to students as soon as it has been confirmed. All placement confirmations are sent via Medaille College email only.

Who are the College Supervisors?
College Supervisors are full-time or part-time faculty members of Medaille College. (Many are also retired teachers or administrators.) 

How do I meet my College Supervisor?
When you receive your confirmed student teaching placements, the name and contact information of the supervisor will be included. As soon as you know your supervisor assignment, you should contact your supervisor to introduce yourself with a phone call or send an email. Typically, the College Supervisor schedules a meeting to orient student teachers prior to the beginning of the student teaching experiences, but no later than the first week of student teaching.

How often can I expect my college supervisor to visit me at school?
College supervisors usually make one informal visitation for each student teaching placement and a minimum of two formal observations.

How am I evaluated during my student teaching experience?
The forms used include:

May I request copies of my student teaching evaluations?
No. You are required to submit original student teaching evaluations to Medaille College during your Student Teaching Exit Meeting. You are expected to photocopy any of the student teaching materials you personally wish to keep prior to that meeting. [The Office of Student Teaching/Certification (OSTC) is not permitted to make copies for students.]
You will need copies of your evaluations for job applications and interviews. It is advised that you make copies of your evaluations for yourself before attending the Student Teaching Exit Meeting and keep these copies in a safe place.

How do I obtain letters of recommendation for my student teaching experiences?
A student teacher who wishes to have a letter of recommendation will need to request the recommendation from the associate teachers and/or college supervisors. Generally, teachers and supervisors are willing to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. The letters of recommendation can be stored in your Credential Folder with the Office of Career Planning.

Are there opportunities available for teacher recruitment?
Yes. In addition to those listed below, many district school boards in the Province of Ontario hold their own teacher recruitment days. Listed below are two opportunities held in western NY:

The "Canadian Teacher Career Fair" The Canadian Teacher Career Fair will be held on Friday, October 25, 2013 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m at the Niagara University's Castellani Art Muesum.  All Canadian students and graduates of teacher education programs at the sponsoring college and universities are invited to network with representatives of Ontario School Boards and Teacher Employment Organizations.

Don't miss this opportunity to get detailed information about employment opportunities, benefits and application requirements for the boards participating in the fair.  Make a positive first impression: bring copies of your resume and wear professional attire.  (Please be advised that many boards may direct candidates to their application web sites and, therefore, may not accept resumes the day of the fair.)  "For futher information, visist"

The "Buffalo Area Teacher Recruitment Days" are held each year in April.  One day is for local Western New York districts and another day is for districts throughout the U.S who are looking to hire New York teachers.  . The next event is scheduled for Thursday and Firday, April 4 and 5, 2014. For more information or to sign up, go to

May I be excused from my student teaching placement to attend a teacher recruitment day?
The Office of Student Teaching/Certification would encourage all students to take advantage of teacher recruitment opportunities. If you would like to attend a teacher recruitment day, you will need to seek prior permission from your associate teacher and the Office of Student Teaching/Certification.


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