Pre-requisites needed in order to be eligible to participate in student teaching

  • Successful completion of all course pre-requisites
  • Minimum appropriate grade point average (GPA):
    • For graduate education programs: minimum GPA of 3.0.
    • For undergraduate education programs: minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Student in good standing with the College (no HOLDS on student account)


Statement on Student Teaching Experiences and Employment

Each student teaching placement is a full-time experience for student teachers to become actively involved with students in a school setting. Student teaching integrates the theoretical and practical learning of the college classroom to the hands-on classroom activities. Student teaching requires significant preparation and planning outside the classroom.

For this reason, the OSTC strongly recommends that students not have outside employment at the same time, or to participate in outside activities (i.e., clubs, sports, other organizations), as student teaching requires your full attention.


Student Teaching Placement Information Meeting

Mandatory Student Teaching Placement Information Meetings are held during the fall and spring semesters to provide potential student teachers with: (1) an overview of the student teaching pre-requisites; (2) where to find copies of the student teaching placement form and profile sheet template and deadline dates for submission; (3) a reminder that Canadian student teachers are required to have a police record check screening/vulnerable sector check and U.S. student teachers are required to have fingerprint clearance prior to participation in student teaching; (4) a copy of the student teaching start/end dates and interim week; (5) an opportunity to discuss student teaching placement procedures and responsibilities during student teaching, including NYS fingerprint procedure for all student teachers.

Dates and locations of these meetings are available on the Office of Student Teaching/Certification (OSTC) website and signs are posted at both the Amherst and Buffalo campuses. The meetings are normally scheduled within the first two weeks of each semester.


Student Teacher Placement Form, Profile Sheet and Release Form

Student Teacher Placement Forms, Profile Sheets and Pre-Student Teaching/Student Teaching/Practicum Release Forms are due the semester before you are expected to student teach.  Students who submit forms after the stated deadline may be deferred by the OSTC to the following semester for student teaching.

Students may provide up to two school boards/districts on the Placement Form. If a student wants only one board/district, they should list only one board/district. Students needing to be on a public transportation or bus route must indicate so on the form prior to turning it in.

The OSTC works with schools, boards and districts to find appropriate grade level placements using the information provided on the Student Teaching Placement Form. NOTE: Information provided by the student on the form is viewed as preferences and suggestions only. It is not always possible to confirm a placement in a school the student has listed. Confirmed student placements may be up to an hour from the student's home by car. If students move from the address listed on the placement submitted, notify the OSTC immediately of the new address as this may affect your placement.

For more information on the Student Teaching Placement Form,, and Pre-Student Teaching/Student Teaching/Practicum Release Form, see the FAQ About the Student Teaching Placement Info Meeting.


Catholic/Separate School Placements

Students requesting to teach in a Catholic school/board in the Province of Ontario must be baptized Catholic. Catholic schools in Ontario integrate religion into a large portion of their daily curriculum and require the student teacher be Catholic.


Student Teaching Semesters

Student teaching occurs during the fall semester (September-December) or spring semester (January-May).


Student Teaching Placements

  1. Each student teaching placement experience is typically two (2) full-time seven-week placements, with a one week interim week between the first and second placements. Fall semester student teaching usually begins in early September and concludes by mid-December. Spring semester student teaching normally begins in mid-January and concludes in early May. NOTE: MS Special Education students will complete one student teaching experience.

  2. Student teaching placements are arranged by the OSTC and the schools/boards/districts. Students are not to contact schools/boards/districts to arrange their own placements. Doing so may jeopardize their student teaching placements in that board/district and that of future student teacher candidates.

  3. Student teaching placements are secured for western New York schools and the Province of Ontario (63 boards). Any placement outside these areas requires approval by the OSTC prior to the student submitting the Student Teaching Placement Form.

  4. Confirmed placements may be up to an hour drive from the student's home by car. 


Student Teaching Placement Confirmations

The Office of Student Teaching/Certification (OSTC) forwards email updates throughout each semester to students who are expected to student teach.

The OSTC begins to formally notify students of confirmed placements via their Medaille email address for the spring semester in December. Students who participate in fall semester student teaching are notified in July, with additional notifications beginning in mid-August.


Associate Teacher Responsibilities

Associate teachers are responsible for all activities listed in the Timetable of Important Dates/Activities for Associate Teachers in the Associate Teacher Handbook.


College Supervisor Responsibilities

College supervisors are responsible for all activities listed in the Timetable of Important Dates/Activities for College Supervisors in the Student Teaching Handbook.


Student Teacher Responsibilities

Student teachers are responsible for making arrangements to appear at their confirmed placement(s) at the appointed time (i.e., transportation, child care, etc.).

Student teachers are responsible for activities in the Timeline of Important Dates/Activities for Student Teachers in the Student Teaching Handbook as well as those on the Student Teaching Requirements Chart for their specific program (found under Forms)

Formal lesson plans are to be written for the associate teacher within the first 2-3 weeks of each placement. Lesson plans are to be submitted to the Associate Teacher in a timely manner (no less than 48 hours in advance) so they can be reviewed and/or revised. After that it is the Associate Teacher who will decide the formality of the lesson plan expected with one exception.

A formal lesson plan is always written for the College Supervisor when they are scheduled for a lesson observation and must be submitted to the supervisor a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the scheduled observation.

In addition, student teachers are responsible for handing in all student teaching documentation with original signatures as noted on the Student Teacher Exit Meeting Checklist.

Finally, student teachers are expected to know and uphold the student teaching expectation and professional dispositions as stated in the Student Teaching Handbook and the School of Education Handbook.


Absences from Student Teaching

The student teacher is expected to be in attendance the same days their associate teacher is in attendance along with the same hours. Students missing any days must notify their associate teacher and college supervisor by phone call, and the Office of Student Teaching/Certification in writing or by phone. Absences may be required to be made up. This decision is made by the Office of Student Teaching/Certification. Students absent days they are scheduled to teach must ensure that the associate teacher has all lesson materials needed for the scheduled lessons.


Protocol When Student Teaching Issues Arise

Placement Issues: Students who have concerns regarding their placement (location, teacher, grade, deferring, etc.) should email the details to Mrs. Crystal Elias, Director of Student Teachers at

Student Teaching Issues: Issues or concerns that arise during the actual student teaching experience should go first to the associate teacher, then the college supervisor and lastly emailed to Mrs. Crystal Elias, Director of Student Teacher, at

All information needs to be in writing, whether hard copy or email. Situations will be reviewed by the Office of Student Teaching/Certification and an answer/ decision emailed to the appropriate parties by the OSTC. A copy of all documentation is placed in the student’s file.


Arrival at Student Teacher Placement School

Student teachers must check with their assigned school(s) for dates and times of operation. It is the student teacher’s responsibility to confirm the starting time and date and to arrive daily a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the children's arrival. Also, student teachers should review the school’s handbook for information about procedures, parking, calling in sick, safety and management policies.


Student Teaching Attire

Student teachers are required to wear professional attire. Professional attire is dress that is comfortable and fits within the culture of the school you are working. We do not permit denim jeans, warm-ups or sneakers unless it is strictly within the code of the school for a particular day/event. Our suggestion is to wear a basic, simple outfit that presents you as a professional seeking a position in the field.


Student Teaching Evaluation (formal)

Student teachers are formally evaluated by their Associate Teacher twice during each placement using the Associate Teacher Midway Performance Evaluation and the Associate Teacher Summary Performance Evaluation. Associate Teachers may also evaluate the student teacher using the Lesson Plan Assessment Form and/or the Unit Plan Assessment Form.


Students are also formally evaluated by their College Supervisor at the scheduled lesson observations (minimum of two times) using the Lesson Observation Form and Lesson Plan Assessment Form. College Supervisors also complete the College Supervisor Summary Performance Evaluation Form at the end of each placement.

View the Office of Student Teaching evaluation forms.


Copy/Photocopy Policy

Student teachers are expected to submit original student teaching evaluations to Medaille College during the mandatory Student Teaching Exit Meeting. Students should make copies of final evaluations and other documents they wish to keep prior to the exit meeting. Final Performance Summary Evaluations (associate teacher and college supervisor) are often required for job applications. [The Office of Student Teaching/Certification (OSTC) is not permitted to make copies for students.]


Student Teaching Exit Meeting

All student teachers are required to attend the mandatory Student Teaching Exit Meeting after the end of their student teaching semester. Information is emailed to student teachers mid-way during their student teaching semester. Items of importance:

  • Students must turn in all student teaching documentation with original signatures as indicated on the Student Teaching Exit Meeting Checklist PDF. Materials must be in order as indicated on the checklist.
  • All documentation must have original signatures (no photocopies).
  • Copy any document prior to turning in at the Exit Meeting. [OSTC is not permitted to make copies.]
  • Students missing appropriate/required documentation will receive a grade of “CP” (Credit Pending) until material is received in the OSTC.


Student Teaching Grading

Student Teaching Placement Ratings

A final rating of 3 (Successful) or higher on both the Associate Teacher and College Supervisor Summary Performance Evaluation Forms is required to pass each student teaching placement. In addition, student teachers must also achieve passing scores on two Lesson Observation Forms (and the corresponding Lesson Assessment Forms). A student who earns a final overall rating below a 3 will be required to attend the Refocus for Success seminar and will be required to repeat the placement.

Satisfactory or S Grade

Student teachers earn a grade of S for successfully completing all of their student teaching requirements.

Unsatisfactory or U Grade

If a student is unsatisfactory/unsuccessful in one of their student teaching experiences, the student will receive a grade of “U” (unsatisfactory) for that student teaching course. At the judgment of the OSTC in consultation with the college supervisor, the student may be permitted to continue after attending a Refocus for Success session. Students receiving a grade of U for two student teaching placements will be academically dismissed for a period of one year during which time they will need to complete the Improvement Plan (page 13, School of Education Handbook). At the end of that period, and provided they have completed the Improvement Plan, the student may apply for re-admission to the College.

Incomplete or I Grade

An incomplete grade is given only for a compelling sufficient reason as determined by the instructor. It is completed in a manner determined by mutual agreement between the student and instructor as indicated on the Incomplete Form. This form must be signed by both student and instructor. An Incomplete must be removed from the student's record by the end of the semester following the semester in which the Incomplete was received. Graduation and certification may be delayed.

Credit Pending or CP Grade

Students who complete a student teaching placement but have not submitted all the required documentation/paperwork, will receive a grade of Credit Pending (CP). Credit Pending is only given when a student demonstrates that all paperwork will be completed in a maximum of 30 days. Students who have a grade of CP but do not submit paperwork within the 30 day period will earn an unsatisfactory grade (U) for student teaching.

Students expecting to graduate at the end of student teaching must submit all paperwork prior to the end of that term (May/December). Paperwork submitted late may result in graduation and certification being delayed.


Refocus for Success

Students who earn an unsatisfactory grade during a student teaching placement will be required to attend a mandatory Refocus for Success seminar prior to being permitted to continue with subsequent student teaching experiences. Students identified by the OSTC as having difficulty in the field may also be mandated to attend “Refocus for Success.” Students informed that Refocus for Success is required but do not attend, or who attend and do not successfully complete the Refocus assignments, will not be permitted to continue with another student teaching placement.


Medaille Recommendation for a NYS Teacher Certificate

If a student has met all the following criteria, the OSTC will submit an online recommendation for the NYS teacher certificate:

  1. The on-line NYS Teaching Application has been completed and fee paid.
  2. No holds exist on the student’s Medaille account.
  3. Student has submitted Application for Graduation to the Registrar’s Office and paid the graduation fee.
  4. Student has completed the Medaille College Recommendation Form for a NYS Teaching Certificate and submitted the form to the OSTC.
  5. All coursework has been successfully completed and the degree has been conferred.

If any of these items have not been satisfactorily completed, Medaille College will be unable to recommend the student to NYS for a teaching certificate.

NOTES: In addition to the above Medaille Recommendation for a NYS Teacher Certification, students must have the following before NYS will issue a certificate:

  1. Students must successfully complete all required NYS exams (i.e., LAST, ATS-W, CST, etc.).
  2. Students must be complete the on-line fingerprint application at the NYS TEACH website and pay the processing fee. Fingerprinting must be completed and the cards mailed to NYS.


Email Statement

The OSTC frequently communicates with students via email. All email communication will be done using the student’s Medaille College email. We will not communicate to other email addresses. Students emailing questions, requests, etc., from other email accounts will receive replies to their inquiries through their Medaille email accounts.

Students are reminded to regularly clear out old email and to empty their deleted mail file so that they may continue to receive new email.

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