Where can I find information about the pre-student teaching experiences?
Information and documents to help you calculate any previous teaching experiences can be found at the Pre-Student Teaching Experience link on the Medaille College website. Click on the area of your particular degree (example: BSED B-6)

Why are pre-student teaching experiences required by the Medaille College School of Education program?
Medaille College’s School of Education and New York State Education Department encourages teacher candidates to have as many experiences as possible working with children/youth prior to the Student Teaching Experience. Research has shown that it is beneficial, not only to have a familiarity of the responsibilities related to your chosen profession, but to have opportunities working with children/youth prior to student teaching.

Which courses include pre-student teaching experience requirements? How many hours will I be required to complete?
This is determined by your degree area. Please refer to the Pre-Student Teaching Handbook. This link will list the courses that include a pre-student teaching experience and the required hours.

How many hours do I need to have for my pre-student teaching experiences?
This will be determined by your degree program.

Are you permitted to use previous experiences with children/youth toward the hours needed to fulfill the Pre-Student Teaching Experience requirements?
Yes, but there are restrictions. Please refer to the Calculation of Hours document under your degree area in the Pre-Student Teaching Experience Forms link. All previous experiences (of 10 hours or more) that may be accepted must be accompanied by a completed Validation Form and a statement on letterhead stationery from the school/agency supervisor verifying your participation and responsibilities. The course instructor reviews and validates previous experiences.

I have worked as a coach and nanny, may I use these experiences toward my accumulated hours?
Your best experiences occur in a classroom setting; however, other experiences with children/youth may be considered. Please refer to the Calculation of Hours document in the Pre-Student Teaching Experiences Forms link for your degree area. There are restrictions on the number of hours accepted. Your course instructor will assess and make the final determination concerning acceptance of previous experiences/hours. No credit can be earned for babysitting, parenting, tutoring your own child or nanny responsibilities.

Where can I go to fulfill remaining hours?
Some hours may be acquired through classroom on-site visits. Many area schools are very welcoming to our students to acquire participation hours. Consult your course instructor for placement opportunities.

If I have further questions regarding pre-student teaching experiences, whom should I contact?
If you have questions, speak to your pre-student teaching experience course instructor(s), your department chair/program director, or the Director of Student Teaching and Field Experiences.

What are the consequences if I do not complete the required Pre-Student Teaching Experiences hours?
Completion of pre-student teaching experience hours is a pre-requisite needed before a student may participate in the Student Teaching Experience. Thus, a student who has not earned an appropriate passing grade in the required pre-student teaching experience course(s) would need to repeat and pass those said courses and then apply for the student teaching experience at that point.

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