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Medaille College Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

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Inter·disciplinary Studies

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

Department Chair:
Courtney Grim, Associate Professor, Arts and Digital Literacies

Matthew Bowker, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Political Science

Gerald Erion, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy

Megan Feifer, PhD., Assistant Professor, English

Nicole Jowsey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Daniel Kotzin, Ph.D., Professor, History

Bridgette Slavin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Practice

Alice Villaseñor, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English


Samples of Interdisciplinary Studies Student Capstones & Independent Study Projects

Fall 2015

Kayla Wagner: Gender Stereotypes and Mathematics Anxiety: Contributing Factors to the Deficit of Women in STEM Fields

Spring 2015

Derek Bush: Predator-Prey Models

Derek Bush and Jordan McGregor: Newton-Raphson Iteration and Fractals

Jenna M. Cleversley: Exploring the Concept of the Human Soul from a Religious, Psychological, and Neuro-Scientific Perspective

Candis Kapuscinski: Examination of Population Genetics and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Principles

Nicole Kepfer: The Impact of Technological Multitasking in Education

Nicholas Schroder: Hyperbolic Geometry

Melissa Wittenzellner: Differences in ELA and Math Test Score Outcomes: Comparing Urban, Rural and Suburban Schools

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