#MavsSucceed Online: Junior Aliyah Dandy on How Much the Support of Faculty and Staff Has Meant to Her

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#MavsSucceed Online: Junior Aliyah Dandy on How Much the Support of Faculty and Staff Has Meant to Her

Posted by Medaille College Office of Communications

Junior Aliyah Dandy on How Much the Support of Faculty and Staff Has Meant to HerJunior Aliyah Dandy is active in the Medaille College community through the TRiO Student Support Services Program, her work as an admissions ambassador and as a member of the women’s basketball team. Here, Dandy reflects on what the support of faculty and staff has meant to her during these unprecedented times, and on how she has seen the Medaille community come together and grow stronger than ever.

During this hard time, there are so many people who are always looking and pointing out the negatives and what people are doing wrong. Everyone is going through the same thing right now, and I think it is important to highlight the positives that I have had through my online learning experience. I think that is important to recognize the good that is still taking place in the Medaille community. Everyone has been faced with a challenge, but the way Medaille approached the challenge was very different and beneficial to its students and staff.

Even though we might not physically be on campus, all of the faculty and staff have done a wonderful job reaching out to make sure that I am making the adjustment and to make sure I knew that they were still there for me through email, phone call and video chat. I know that I would not be as successful as I have been online If it wasn't for my professors, coach, advisor and TRiO counselor holding me accountable.

I think that it is important that the people at Medaille have continued to build relationships with us, even if it is from an online platform. I have been successful because my professors are always reaching out and making sure we knew what was expected of us and making sure that our families were all staying safe and healthy. All of my professors have been really understanding. They know that remote learning can be a challenge, and they have been willing to attack it head on with me. 

Every week, Coach Broderick [Women's Basketball Head Coach Kelly Broderick] calls to check in to see how classes went the week before and see if there is anything that she can do to help. I find that outreach really helpful. I think that it is important to understand that she is still there for me even though I am not on campus. It is clear she truly cares and wants to see me do my best work off of the court.

Another huge support system is the TRiO staff. When I first found out that I was going to be learning from a distance and not be able to see my TRiO counselor, Laura Horton, it really made me upset. She has really been a motivating factor for me. Laura holds me accountable for my actions in the classroom, and she is always pushing me to do my very best, not only in the class but in the Medaille community. I really like how the TRiO staff set up a Blackboard community page online for all of us in the program to use. There are a bunch of different resources located on the page that TRiO students should go check out.

I had one class that was moved to Zoom this semester. I really like how Dr. Nicole Jowsey changed the format of the course to fit our online needs. Class is held as if we were on campus. I really enjoy that because I don’t have to learn by myself. I get to learn and still have discussions with my classmates. With all my other classes that switched to an online format, I like how my professors recorded the lectures and gave us assignments to do that correspond with them. I also like how we watched a lot of documentaries that taught us about the various topics.

These are just some of the different departments that I have had personal experience with and that have made my online learning experience as normal as it could be during a tough time like this. When everything seems to be going wrong, there are also positives, no matter how big or small. During a time like this, it is so easy to only see the negatives, but I believe the positives have outweighed the negatives when it comes to my education. I would like to thank the people in the Medaille community for everything that they are doing to help and provide for us students. The smallest act of kindness really means the world to me as a student. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time, and remember, we are going to make it out of this tragic time stronger than we started.

As the world faces unprecedented, challenging times, the Medaille community has come together in shared commitment to help our students successfully complete their education. Our students, faculty and staff have been helping each other navigate this new territory of remote teaching, learning and working, and many have shared anecdotes of encouragement and support.

The #MavsSucceed series shares some of these accounts and shines a spotlight on Medaille’s dedicated students, faculty and staff. See more features by visiting medaille.edu/mavssucceed or by following the College on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.