#MavsSucceed Online: Junior Hannah Wallace on Communication and Connection Amid Trying Times

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#MavsSucceed Online: Junior Hannah Wallace on Communication and Connection Amid Trying Times

Posted by Medaille College Office of Communications

#MavsSucceed Online: Junior Hannah Wallace on Communication and Connection Amid Trying Times Junior Hannah Wallace, an early childhood education major, shares how she has seen the Medaille College community come together in meaningful ways amid these unprecedented times. Wallace explains how many bonds have been strengthened recently due to the communication and support demonstrated by fellow students, faculty and administration.

While this pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, I feel it has also had an amazing impact on the connection in our Medaille community. Our bond couldn’t be stronger. As classes switched to an online format and the mindset needed for our education changed, I was able to watch and see the professors, staff and students reaching out to one another in support. Vice President for Student Development Amy DeKay has been amazing at keeping students updated and content, professors have been individually reaching out to students to help guide them, clubs have been working to keep the students entertained and connected, and together, our community has flourished. Personally, I feel that the new standards for the semester have helped to strengthen our communication with one another, and seeing everyone working together is truly heartwarming to me. As the trials and tribulations continue, I know that our College will not break, but will bond even closer than it has ever been before. 

As the world faces unprecedented times, the Medaille community has come together in shared commitment to help our students successfully complete their education. Our students, faculty and staff have been helping each other navigate this new territory of remote teaching, learning and working, and many have shared anecdotes of encouragement and support.

The #MavsSucceed series will share some of these accounts, and will shine a spotlight on Medaille’s dedicated students, faculty and staff. See more features by visiting medaille.edu/mavssucceed or by following the College on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.