#MavsSucceed Online: Medaille Students Demonstrate Adaptability and Ingenuity Throughout the Transition to Remote Learning

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#MavsSucceed Online: Medaille Students Demonstrate Adaptability and Ingenuity Throughout the Transition to Remote Learning

Posted by Medaille College Office of Communications

#MavsSucceed - Associate Professor of the Practice Mary Beth ScumaciDuring the transition to remote learning throughout the pandemic, many students discovered that online classes are not what they expected. Instead of just watching someone lecture and typing papers, it’s often much more interactive, and Medaille College has utilized Blackboard resources to make the experience as close to the feel of an in-person class as possible.

Associate Dean for Educational Technology and Associate Professor of the Practice Mary Beth Scumaci, M.S.Ed., serves as a leader and mentor to other faculty members who are adapting to online instruction. Scumaci is a Blackboard Certified Trainer, as well as a SMART Certified Trainer. She also teaches classes in the Department of Education, and supervises teacher candidates during fieldwork placements. Here, she shares a short narrative that speaks to the adaptability and ingenuity of Medaille’s student body to get over their hesitations and try new technologies.

This spring semester, I experienced a fun little success story from one of the classes I was teaching. During the first remote class after the transition to online learning, one of the students told me “I don’t like this. I don’t want to do this. I didn’t sign up for online classes!”  A few classes later, while in a class conversation in the BbC live classroom, the same student says: “Do you mind making me a presenter so I can show the class what I’m talking about?” Learning in action is absolutely priceless!

As the world faced unprecedented, challenging times, the Medaille community came together in shared commitment to help our students successfully complete their education. Our students, faculty and staff helped each other navigate the transition to remote teaching, learning and working, and many have shared anecdotes of encouragement and support. The #MavsSucceed series shares some of these accounts and shines a spotlight on Medaille’s dedicated students, faculty and staff. See more features by visiting medaille.edu/mavssucceed or by following the College on FacebookTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.


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