#MavsSucceed Online: Two Students on the Academic Support Center and Impact of Tutoring Services

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#MavsSucceed Online: Two Students on the Academic Support Center and Impact of Tutoring Services

Posted by Medaille College Office of Communications

#MavsSucceed Academic Support CenterOffering robust student support services is a big part of the Medaille College mission. Despite the transition to remote learning during the spring semester, the Academic Support Center (ASC) continued to offer its wide range of services and resources to students in the digital realm. Here, two current students, Freshman Tia Phakousonh and Junior Tatyana Ford, describe how much these services and the ASC tutors have helped them in their educational journey.

Freshman Tia Phakousonh:
The most challenging courses that I faced this past year were math and English. For math, I chose to seek tutoring with the amazing Cheryl Potter. Cheryl taught me so much throughout the two semesters. I can’t thank her enough for making me feel at ease with math. Another appreciation is for Jason Pratt. Jason is an amazing English tutor and writer, and I couldn’t imagine not going to see him for help with essays and assessments. These two tutors have truly made a substantial impact on my college experience.

Junior Tatyana Ford:
Online math tutoring with Math Specialist Cheryl Potter helped me greatly throughout the change to online learning. It allowed me to ask questions and work through any problems or confusion I had. I am forever grateful to be able to take part in the tutoring services offered by Medaille’s ASC!

In addition to providing tutoring services, support resources and supplemental instruction, Medaille’s ASC also offers the Pathways Program, an educational and supportive mentoring program for first-year students. Throughout the transition to online learning, first-year students continued to receive weekly newsletters from the ASC’s Pathways team, and topics included Transitioning to Online Learning, Staying Motivated, Self-Care, Shifting Perspective, Advice from Peer Mentors on Staying Positive, Forming Habits and Connecting to Campus Resources. 

Follow the Academic Support Center and Pathways Program on Social Media: medaille_asc and Medaille_pathways on Instagram, and Medaille ASC and Medaille College Academic Support Center on Facebook.

As the world faced unprecedented, challenging times, the Medaille community came together in shared commitment to help our students successfully complete their education. Our students, faculty and staff helped each other navigate the transition to remote teaching, learning and working, and many have shared anecdotes of encouragement and support. The #MavsSucceed series shares some of these accounts and shines a spotlight on Medaille’s dedicated students, faculty and staff. See more features by visiting medaille.edu/mavssucceed or by following the College on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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