Medaille College Honors 2020 Faculty & Staff Retirees

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Medaille College Honors 2020 Faculty & Staff Retirees

Posted by Medaille College Office of Communications

A group of 2020 faculty retirees

The year 2020 brought the retirement of 23 faculty and staff members who collectively served the Medaille College community for hundreds of years. On August 12, the Office of Academic Affairs hosted a gathering to honor these individuals who served in a variety of roles at the College and left a lasting impact on students and colleagues alike. Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Janel M. Curry, Ph.D., thanked the honorees for their years of dedicated service and commitment to embodying the Medaille mission.

Congratulations to the following full-time faculty members who have been elevated to Faculty Emeritus status upon their retirement, based on the recommendation of the Promotion and Tenure Committee:

  • Virginia Batchelor, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Education

“Dr. Virginia Batchelor has been a mentor to many students, alumni, faculty and staff, and she always reminded us of the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. Her caring heart and gentleness are present in everything she does. Through her work as a children’s author, Virginia also helped us to learn and understand the challenges of our students and people throughout our community.” — Chair of the Department of Education Jeffrey A. Faunce, Ph.D.

  • Alan Bigelow, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

“Dr. Alan Bigelow was a wonderful office neighbor on the second floor of Main for nearly my entire tenure at Medaille. A stellar artist (see and teacher, he’s pushed us all to embrace the evolving media environment in whatever projects we tackle. He also led major efforts to assess and improve student learning, and his Socratic method has helped polish our still-underground X Day tradition.” — Professor of Philosophy Gerald J. Erion, Ph.D.

  • Terri Borchers, J.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

“Terri and I were both appointed to the Medaille faculty the same year. With her poetry expertise and my philosophy background, we’ve had a million great conversations, most of them about our students. She’s a brilliant academic who works tirelessly for her students, colleagues and friends.” — Professor of Philosophy Gerald J. Erion, Ph.D.

  • Craig Centrie, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Education

“Dr. Craig Centrie always brought a unique perspective to his classes, our department and the entire campus. He challenged us to remember that our community contains a myriad of cultures, experiences and perspectives. He would pose questions to his students and colleagues that often made us think in a new way and remind us of our responsibilities as educators. He also served as an inspiration by being very active in the community through his artwork and his work with refugees.” — Chair of the Department of Education Jeffrey A. Faunce, Ph.D.

  • Mary Louise Hill, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

“Mary Lou is an amazing writer and campus leader. Many of us in the Medaille community consider her both a mentor and a friend, and I’m still not sure how to cope with not seeing her every day. I’ll never forget her inspiring approach to student writing; creative, encouraging and interdisciplinary it’s one that I continue to aim for in my own classes.” — Professor of Philosophy Gerald J. Erion, Ph.D.

  • Mark Lavatelli, M.A., M.F.A., Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

“I had the good fortune of meeting Mark the day I first set foot on Medaille’s campus for my initial adjunct teaching interview. His first impression proved a lasting one. Mark’s warm smile, quick laugh and bright energy are familiar to anyone who knows him. He’s a great academic leader and a remarkable artist whose work has inspired many to new critical and creative projects.” — Professor of Philosophy Gerald J. Erion, Ph.D.

  • Lisa Marsherall, M.A., Associate Professor of the Practice and Former Chair of the Department of Communication & Sport Studies

“Lisa Marsherall embodied community in her many years as an esteemed colleague. With students, she was more than a professor. She always served as a caring mentor and home-away-from-home loving adult. Her tireless work to always improve our department leaves a lasting legacy at the College.” —Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, Communication & Sport Studies Richard L. Jacob, Ph.D.

  • Marianne Sullivan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Practice, Department of Business, Management & Leadership

“Dr. Marianne Sullivan has been consistently mentioned by MAOL students as their favorite part of their experience at Medaille. As someone who has had the pleasure of sitting in on her classes for evaluations, I can honestly say that I have never seen an instructor who is more prepared for class, who brings more current events into her classes and who makes herself more available to her students.”  — Chair of the Department of Business, Management & Leadership Susan C. Steffan, MBA

  • William Weeks, M.S., Professor, Department of Business, Management & Leadership

“For 23 years, Bill Weeks has been my colleague and my mentor. He is known for his thoughtful comments, his ability to focus on the bigger picture, and his firm belief in the importance of good leadership. He is a legend among our business students and faculty, and is universally the person alumni remember and quote.” — Chair of the Department of Business, Management & Leadership Susan C. Steffan, MBA

The Medaille community also thanks the following retired faculty and staff members for their many years of service and commitment:

  • Deborah Ceppaglia, M.L.S., Professor and Professional Librarian, Library

“Debby’s ability to connect with students was truly remarkable, both in the library and in the classroom. Whether it was one-on-one or with a large class, she quickly established an atmosphere of reciprocal respect. This, in turn, built confidence and allowed students to achieve beyond their own expectations. Fortunately, she also freely shared the intricacies of her educational philosophy and served as a mentor to countless colleagues. College is all about teaching and learning, and Debby made her mark on Medaille by consistently and relentlessly improving both.” — Associate Professor & Library Director Andrew Yeager, M.LS.

  • Richard Gerber, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Science, Mathematics & Technology

“Dr. Richard Gerber’s legacy includes high quality impactful instruction of numerous undergraduate math and physical science courses, as well as excellent attention to detail. His standards for his students were high, and he consistently demanded their best effort and attitude. As the program director of the developmental math courses, he was a leader who contributed much to the science and mathematics programs. From serving on search committees and faculty committees to co-chairing the United Way Fund, Dr. Gerber’s many years of service to Medaille have been varied and generous.” — Lab Manager Lynn Kozinski and Chair of the Department of Science, Mathematics & Technology Vochita Mihai, Ph.D.

  • John Schedel, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Communication & Sport Studies

“Dr. John Schedel served as a powerful advocate for students and faculty. He imparted wisdom and challenged students to dig deep to question and learn. A stalwart member of the faculty, Dr. Schedel consistently worked to protect faculty rights and freedoms in academe. It has been an honor to be his colleague.” —Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, Communication & Sport Studies Richard L. Jacob, Ph.D.

  • Kathleen Crouse, Administrative Assistant, Rochester Campus

“Kathy Crouse emulates excellence, positivity and professionalism, and each day over the last 10 years, she helped make our Rochester campus an inviting and fun place. She was an ideal team member and was always there to assist others. She embodied the Medaille mission through acts of kindness in sharing flowers, cards, homemade cookies and kind words with students, faculty and staff. Kathy was our ‘sunflower,’ always shinning bright!” — Assistant Director and Academic Services Coordinator, Rochester Campus, Ann Horn-Jeddy

  • Marsha Glose, RN, B.S.N., M.S.Ed., Director of Student Health Services

“I was fortunate to work with Marsha for over 23 years. Her calming demeanor, professionalism and medical knowledge were always a source of comfort to those around her. She was the one who could be called for anything and everything, and she was always prepared to help students or colleagues in whatever ways she could.” — Vice President for Student Development Amy M. DeKay ’95

  • Ellie Hudson, Administrative Assistant, Department of Veterinary Technology / Department of Science, Mathematics & Technology

“Ellie Hudson can be considered a co-founder of Medaille’s Department of Veterinary Technology, as she was instrumental in the development of all three vet tech programs that are now offered. Ellie was dedicated, extremely competent, resourceful and compassionate, and she faithfully and unselfishly gave her time and expertise to students, faculty and staff. Her impact is immeasurable.” — Professor Joseph E. Savarese, D.V.M.

  • Chet Klimek, Manager of the Academic Computer Center

“Chet was a dedicated, detail-oriented engineer in our IT Department. He took the time to plan and document his projects so that there were not any shortcomings in his job. In IT, there is a lot of process-oriented work that needs to be done to make our solutions credible, and Chet took the time to plan, implement and document his work for the good of the College.” — Chief Information Officer Robert D. Chyka

  • Anita Kopra, Banner System Administrator

“Anita started her Medaille career in the Business Office and joined our IT team as a computer support specialist. She was always eager to learn new things, and was eager to keep our students, faculty and staff happy. After her stint in our helpdesk, she got promoted to our Banner System Support Specialist. Anita was always eager to go the extra mile to help people. She cared greatly about her work and the people she was supporting.” — Chief Information Officer Robert D. Chyka

  • Harvey Lyle, Public Safety Officer

“Harvey was dedicated, hardworking and had a wealth of knowledge about the College that was extremely helpful to new officers and staff. Up until the time he retired, he worked hard to protect the school, and his time and dedication will always be very much appreciated.” — Director of Campus Public Safety Debra Kelly

  • Debra McLoughlin, Associate Dean for Student Success Center

“Deb led by example. Her leadership style was marked by her empathy, professionalism and sense of humor. She always advocated for both students and colleagues, and was known as someone who is always willing to listen and help.” — Director of Academic Advisement Erin Pawlak

  • Jeanne Mossios, Associate Director of Financial Aid

“Although Jeanne’s concentration was in Financial Aid, she touched the lives thousands of students in a positive way over her 40 plus years at Medaille. She also made hundreds of connections with past and present coworkers, serving on countless committees and professional groups. Her talents and spirits will be missed, not only in our office but throughout the College.” — Director of Financial Aid James Ayers

  • Susan O’Leary, Financial Aid Office Manager

“In over 15 years at Medaille, Susan embodied hard work and optimism. Students and staff loved her, and she was never afraid to volunteer for a new challenge.” — Director of Financial Aid James Ayers

  • La’Wain Reed, Administrative Assistant, Department of Education

“La’Wain Reed has been the rock and glue of the Department of Education for a very long time. For all of us, she is so much more than what her job title might describe. She was our friend, our confidant, our supporter, our sounding board and the person who we all counted on for any one of a thousand things. La’Wain has a wonderful sense of humor, even under the most stressful of situations, and the department will never be the same without her. Our students and faculty will miss her smile, her laugh, her dedication and her presence.” — Chair of the Department of Education Jeffrey A. Faunce, Ph.D.

  • Michael Szczepanski, Collections Manager

“Michael Szczepanski worked as a collections manager for 14 years at the College. He was hard-working and dedicated, even when the tasks were not easy, and he interacted with many students and departments. We wish him all the best in his retirement, and miss him making us laugh in the Student Accounts Office!” Bursar Karen Kosowski and the Student Accounts Office Staff


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